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Yeah, can we please get a “vote to abandon” feature in m+ with some x-strikes cumulative penalties for ninja DCs etc. Works in FFXIV, which arguably is now most popular mmo, also works in CS:GO competitive (30min>2h>24h>7days), which again, is also is still very popular fps game. can’t see why that wouldn’t work in WoW. Cmon ABK, grow a pair!

Could you elaborate on the full mechanics of how it works in FFXIV? I am curious.

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I like the penalty structure actually, would like if they implemented it to solo shuffle.

In m+, the “when its okay to leave” becomes a bit too complicated imo. For example:

  • Leaving +20 tyrannical after lust wipe on first boss is fine.
  • Tank leaving after first pull, after mimicing lust pull he saw in stream 15 mins ago - not fine.
  • Joe and his 2 friends keeping one guy hostage on a horrible run - not fine.
  • Kicking poor Lisa before last boss on fortified on +6, because she does 55% of the damage her char sims. - not fine (the csgo example, horrible system)

So if I (the healer) decide I don’t want to be in this run anymore but the others vote to keep going. How will the system force me to play instead of fishing in the fountains of CoS for the next 30 minutes?

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so if i go to an azure vault +23 and we wipe at the first boss(the key is RIP) and they decide they want to finish for weekly why i should suffer with them if i dont want to continue…this is pug life my friend if you dont want anyone to leave the key just put a “weekly no leaver on tittle” and gl

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Poor Lisa :dash: she will be missed :smile:

I’ve never actually seen anyone being kicked from an m+ dung. What I have seen plenty however, is:

Like when you join a key, you’re expected to stay and perform to the best of your ability. Sure, every system can be abused. Like the one we have now - which is no system at all.

I’ve seen tanks this week in RLP taking the 1st stone and pull it into a 3-pack, bolster it to the size of a raidboss - and leave the party shortly after predictable outcome has inevitably materialized. Pretty sure they were watching some random stream minutes before. Namely, warrior tanks with “clap” in their names - they’re the worst btw!! xD

Surely there’s got to be a middle ground somewhere, or at least the penalty system should be applied to a leaver who originally joined a “completion” run.

So there is mechanically no “or else”?

it would just be easier to make it so when you make the group, there is a box you tick, time it and an other box saying, not timing the key.

this way if you screw up the timing and everyone leaves it works as now, key depleted, but how ever if you join a key that is not timing, and you join that and then leave mid key, you get penilaized for leaving a key, that was stated to not be timed regardless if the timer has run out or not, the key will not be depleted in this, but you can not get more score in it eighter, like a safe way to do the key.
this is where the vote system could come in, if you notice you can not do it.

In my opinion people should always have the right to leave a run when they see appropriate without facing a penalty. If your goal is to time a key for example and you can already tell fairly early on that the group is sub par, misplaying mechanics, wiping on first boss etc you should never be in a situation where you either have to spend half an hour or so as a hostage or face a penalty.
I also think that people who come up with this sort of idea don’t fully think it through. Because what do you think will happen if a highly frustrated player is forced to stay in a group where he feels he has nothing to gain anymore? He might start playing like dog water on purpose out of frustration or even intentionally wipe the group. It’s just a recipe for toxicity and BS, trust me.
Let people have the freedom to leave a key when they see appropriate.

Only thing that could reduce the want to leave is limit how many m+ dungeons you can run per day or week. Then even people would stay for depletes. Tank or healer can always leave cause they have almost insta group for the next key. As long as you can endlessly spam m+, you can endlessly leave them too.

Nope, It should make it no durability lose. Since the damn thing dose not cover the bill repairs on any +

That would be your expectation. I feel like when I join the key, I’m expected to try to time it & the moment it’s not likely to time, the run is over. Someone else is likely have different expectations from the two of us.

Haven’t seen anyone kicked from M+ either, juts saying that the CS GO penalty system is actually quite horrible and should be an example everywhere for game designers how not to do it. I like the ban duration scaling, but that’s pretty much it.

FF in terms of popularity is I think the largest competitor to wow, yet still a small fry (like 33% of the size of wow?). Very different games I feel, FF being more about casual gaming & story. Model from there would likely not work in M+ setting I feel.

Not trying to mess with your every opinion, but the RLP example could well be me. If its a week where we can triple pull it, I do it. Not trying to be elitistic here, but it’s a very easy pull in a rather hard instance. If that’s a wipe, the key will absolutely not finish & I would leave. Has never happened thus far since it really is not a hard pull, but you get where I’m getting at.

Sometimes it’s better for everyone to kill the key early, even when it for sure means, that some runs that could still be saved, will not be. Much less of a hassle to start fresh, unagitated with odds in your favor.

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