<Vote to kick> recruiting for shadowlands

Vote to kick is one of the oldest guilds on Blade’s Edge and is (always) looking for new players, specifically raiders and M+ ers to push content with.

We are a casual guild and quite laid back, but when it comes to content we do like to push it. We give everyone an equal chance, weather you are a returning player or just have never been given a chance to prove yourself.

We aim to clear Mythic content, 5/12 before summer break and like to push things harder come Shadowlands. We are active in all aspects of the game, have a large social community, run achievements, alt raids and M+ any chance we get and we always strive to make new friends.

If this does sound appealing to you, give me a shout Chanti/Pryora in game or through Bnet on pryora#2167.

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