W movement wont stop running!

Hi there!

Weird one I know, but I have an issue where if I am moving around holding down the ‘W’ key, when I release it, my character doesn’t stop for several seconds. This occurs in severity depending on how long I’ve held down the key for. When I use the mouse buttons to move with ‘move and look’, my character stops fine, this is also including if i use Auto-Run.

I’ve tried re-binding the move forward key from something else to ‘W’ again, reset to default keys, have not had much luck. Wondering if anyone knew it was some sort of glitch or something with the coding? a bit puzzling, thanks for reading and helping!

Open up word or some text editor of some kind and press and hold W then release it, does it continue to produce letters after you release?

no, so when i type or use it on other games, internet, ect, W is fine, the key itself is fine. im trying now with a virtual keyboard to prove im not going crazy.

Hello Skinzerai,

If you have an overlay in your computer over the game, is it possible to disable it?

Also if you are using any specialised software for your keyboard, could you try to disable it and check if it makes any difference?

hi there. apologies I think I’ve found the issue with the Key itself, after testing using a Virtual Keyboard and found the key itself was sticking. Apologies and thanks very much for the help :slight_smile: