Wait 1000 years to get invited as DPS warrior

Come on kiddies, ignore subcreation. 60+ keys ignored.

A game that stops you from playing it. Great game.

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The game doesnt stop you playing it.

You could make ur own group with a key at absolutely any moment realistically. However 60 times declined in a row? What you applying for? :rofl: iv3 never been declined that many times and im a frost dk. Worst specc in the game tegarding m+ :rofl:

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And now waiting (a few hours) for a decent tank,heal and 2 dd. Then go and disband after 1st pack, because tank pull all packs he see. He doesn’t care, the key is not his.

This is the Way.

Its never taken me a few hours to make a group lol.

And while sure leavers do happen its not very regular.

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I love being a healer:3 Instant invite to every group, always get summoned!:3

I did do that and was ruined twice in a row, from 21 to 19 because of lazy players who don’t really care to try since it ain’t there key, or that they may simply just want the 21 or 20 for the vault and rather chill out and not focus hard to time the key. Yes, it was not a weekly or completionist key and regardless of how it is advertised, babies will still sign up for any 20-21 for their little 421 vault.

Like hell I am then going to make a 19 group and waste 30 odd minutes that has no reward for me, because of selfish lazy players. That kind of time to burn might be alright for children who have nothing else in their little lifes - trying to be mr. cool on a game - pushing and pushing, but no, I don’t have those feelings to spur me on. My motivation was very much ready in the 21 key I had, and some left for the then 20…

If my key fails due to me, or I can see we tried, or unfortunate timings, then fine. But there is a fair chunk of players who go in just wanting 20s done for the vault so they just chill and turn off full focus, i.e. selfish little ****s. In my case yesterday it was players with good ratings and ilvl just being lazy and wanting their 421 vaults.

Then to top it off, yesterday, I wanted to save my wasted time and take it easy by queuing for only 20 shadowmoons, rather than boost my ruined 19, but I could not get in a single one with what felt like 60 attempts. I had ilvl 419, 2740 rating. Being a warrior DPS must of been the issue there, with the many signups wanting a quick shadowmoon.

I could go into another dungeon, but that would mean spending more time and focusing a bit harder than the shadowmoon. After being very much ready in my ruined 21 and 20, my energy had waned. So no thanks.

So there you go, lazy selfish ****s threw me under the bus for their vault.

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You have 10 people in a room u need 5 people for a M plus 22 all players have 2900 io

1 pala tank

1 druid heal

1 druid dps

1 hunter dps

1 priest shadow

1 chaman heal

1 arms warrior

1 retribution paladin

1 demon hunter

1 warrior tank

but u will choose Pala tank for CR Druid heal for mark and CR
then the dps ; demon hunter is more easy to use and burst in all situations overall better than warrior , retribution paladin the same but u have already a paladin so u will prob take hunter for bl and priest for buff and mass dispel… why take a warrior ?

For tanks. I would take the warrior tank, in my experience warrior tanks shuts up and chugs through the dungeon. I would not take the paladin, because they usually are a coinflip 50/50. Either you get godmode:on or ‘ragequit in 5’. I would not take the DH as tank - nothing needs to be said other than: paladin without godmode.

Now for DPS, I would take retribution, they are busted at the moment. A blind, stump and mentally set-back person could pull good numbers. I would probably take the demon hunter to boost the retribution and finally I would take the Shadowpriest to boost the retribution paladin.

Finally, I would take shaman healer - because those lads are always reliable. Also heroism.

Now that aside, the reason Cornthwaite is probably ignored, is because of his own rio. Shot in the dark: Quite a few keys untimed on his scoreboard and sub 3k rating. I would not invite that, when I could invite a 3k score and all keys timed+.

To OP, I feel your pain. It really sucks when someone nukes your key. Now this is also the reason noone will pick you. For them, you are the wildcard. If it makes you feel better, I on my own warrior playing around the same level as yourself have no issues getting into keys to fill my weekly vault. My best tips are:

  • Make sure you have a clean rio page (no untimed keys, they are a big red flag).
  • Make sure to try get in during PuG primetime (so around 17:00-24:00 GMT, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
  • Don’t sign for CoS/SMBG, go for the unpopular dungeons. You are not getting in if you are already struggling to do so.
  • Make sure to have all languages open in your Group Finder tool.
  • When all else fails, and you are desperate, go tank a weekly key.

You being a warrior is not the problem. You being a subpar playerpick is the problem. So work around that, then you will get into the same spot as myself and get those weeklies done with little to issues.

You dont have any friends to play with?

You do know that for most M+ keys there are 50+ signups at the most played times, out of those 49 others, someone is bound to have better gear and higher score than you.

You’re exactly right Gromred. I do the same line of thinking when i pick people. I suppose I need to ground myself more.

Thanks funkykittie for the tips and insight. I’ll bear this in mind.

I do have guildies to play with at certain times, but not always. For the times I want my own time, it can get rough signing up as a DPS warrior.

Yeah, 2754 rating was good, but is easily bested now in late season. I’ll have to bear that in mind also. Even ilvl 419-420 is getting kind of more common now. And lastly, like others have said, there are better DPS picks than a DPS warrior.

Thanks guys.

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Like every other dps spec you mean? Dps is overloaded what do you expect?

Dont know wich game you play, waiting few hours to get dps, healer it isnt that bad .

First off why take druid healer instead of shaman? Shaman is way better Bl + short cd interrupt. Also for dps wise i do not take a DH tbh.

No he cant warrior sucks and blizzard is doing nothing but this is not new it has been happening from long time.

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