Wake up customer support eu!

Why even have a customer support on EU site when u cant do **** for people asking for help??? Get this working or atleast pay people their subscription back till u get this que time fixed…

They had good intentions, but were “asked” to stand down. Making more angry posts at the front liners doesn’t do anything.

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Wonder why they lose alot of players with this poor support and launch and why is the support even split up in US/EU? Make no sense that you need a lvl 10 on US realm to contact us support

You need a level 10 to post on the forums*. Support tickets sometimes gets handled by
US Support around the clock depending on load.

But the EU Support just left the sinkin ship after release since it only seems like US Support are helping people ?

Someone was but was asked to stop, if you see their post. And, yes, I agree that it’s not fair and daft that you have to make a character on a US account to possibly get help … but I’m afraid that’s what management has decided.

Wonder why this game is dying :slight_smile:

But thanks for reply Ananda and Saneko

Hey there Movebetch,

I totally agree that this situation is far from ideal, though keep in mind it’s always been the general case that issues requiring Game Master intervention would be handled via ticket.

As I mentioned in another thread, we’re all doing the best we can with the resources we have. Arguing that we should just have more may be fair, but ultimately not helpful.

For now I hope you can still find a resolution via some of the other avenues described in other threads.

Couldn’t agree more! We’ve got some true heroes on these forums and massively appreciate the assists!


Honestly I love the amount off activity coming from you Tyrskorn.
A lone soldier, trying to defend the frontlines.

It’s a shame you got pulled back but I love the initiative :heart:

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