Wanna play Stonespine as Alliance?

Don’t. Look somewhere else. This server is filled with toxic Horde lvl 60 players who plague each cm of low lvl Alliance areas. This is getting ridiculous. You can’t travel anywhere without being ganked by higher lvl hordes just ruining the gameplay.
They just probably don’t have the balls to play against lvl 60 Alli players so they ruin the fun for everyone else.
Horde v. Alliance disbalance is horrible. Wherever you go as Alli, there is 10-15 horde players already.
Server is becoming unplayable.


Which zone you playing in currently so I can come “protect” you?

Too bad you don’t have the balls to attack one on one.

I will protect you my priest angel; I swear!

Dodging gankers is part of leveling, there maybe a slight imbalance but I’ve not seen the 10-15 horde you’re talking about. By posting this you fuel the fire.

I suggest you get some friends and fight back, don’t cry about it.


I’m struggling to level and get gear because i cannot find groups to dungeon with, and also when creating my own. Tanks are near impossible to find for stuff like BRD. I’m starting to get fed up of the game and if it is even worth it anymore now as a consequence…

Also i am a healer.

Ironforge.pro (not accurate, but at least some data) is saying that the ratio is about 17% alliance. The most imbalanced server in EU. That has to be an exaggeration. But there is clearly an imbalance. Horde have dominated most questing spots as I’ve leveled. In higher lvl areas I’ve noticed more and more alliance though. Remember a group controlled the pirate cave in tenaris for hours and ganked every horde in sight. My experience from Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge and Eastern Plaguelands have also been ally favoured or at least balanced.

Blizzard shouldn’t have let imbalanced servers just transfer uncontrollably like they have. Increasing the imbalance. There are rumours about plans to try and fix this though. Hopefully something is done soon.

I want to PvP but usually end up helping alliance players instead, because I don’t want you to leave as well.

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Most those so called “data” websites are beyond rubbish be it on terms of population and even more so faction ratios… I always knew that and what you posted 17% just proves my point… noone in his right mind playing on Stonespine would believe that… lol

They’re based on people using certain addons that do /who checks and combine the info from all the users. If more horde players are using the addon then the data will be skewed. So yes, definitely take the data with a grain of salt.

I’m the only guy on the Horde uploading my census /who addon results anyway, the Alliance guy who used to do it with me quit.

Its shocking how serious some people take these census “add-ons” really… I mean not even 1% of Stonespine population post on our forums or maybe even read it, yet some retards on here to expect people bother use and upload some random crappy /who add-on… :rofl:

If the post we have made turn one player away from this crap balanced server and your moronic logic we have succeeded.

36/64% is quite imbalanced, but it’s far from the worst there is, and even further away from the 7/93% you claimed earlier.

I’d love a 50/50 population, but it’s not realistic to have that across all the realms.

Could be when they merge or shut some down.

I admit I went to Redridge yesterday and slaughtered a load of 20s as I was annoyed at getting constantly ganked by Alliance in WPL

Hey man where are u uploading ur census ?i have it for alliance to load on