Want a new main but dont have the time

Yes, unfortunately “suck it up and try to enjoy what you can” does seem to be the best solution at the moment.

If you’re doing content anyway (e.g. running m+) then you’ll eventually get the essences from those activities. With the anniversary bonus rep, at least rep-based essences are slightly easier at the moment too, so doing some WQs each day gives you more than it did before. If the “best” essences for your class/spec/role are locked behind activities that you don’t enjoy, it’s worth considering whether it’s better to take the hit of not having them than to make yourself miserable!

I just want to say thanks, Looksmaxxed - I’ve got a horrible habit of looking at things like getting essences as a much bigger task than it really is, so thanks for reminding me that really it’s not that big of an ordeal!

If I’m completely honest, the second round of obtaining essences…was…idk…a welcome somewhat brainless daily activity after I had enough of “super serious” m+ push runs where everyone expects you to be at 110%.

Im shocked at how fast I got my alt rogue to 440 ilv and all rank 3 essences of the essences I need ! If you put the time you can do it before 8.3 hits, now is a perfect time for alts think of it this way you dont need benthics if you will start raiding in Nyalotha !

Actually the perfect thing is to farm but wait for 8.3 to hit before buying essence.

Mechangon one will be cheap af in 8.3 compared to now.

So for now suck it up for a month, play an incomplete alt and get on par as soon as 8.3 hit.

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It’s frustrating no doubt. But it takes two weeks to get rank 3 essences on a new char?

Depends on which ones really, some classes do have it easy.


Just work on whatever essences are key on the alt, a bit at a time. It’s not like you need them all :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty(.) sure the song goes “Gotta catch them all!”

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This expansion is ridiculously alt friendly.

I mean at this stage on your main you’ve done 4 lfr and 3 normal bosses and some 9’s on M+. Do you need good essences to do that level of content?

Just doing the boring intro BFA quests again and again before you even get to essences is ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz and long…

They really should of made more BFA design systems ACCOUNT WIDE…

Horrible expansion even more so for alts…

Yeah, fully understand here, it’s not the levelling something from 1-120 or 20 to 120, it’s the do stuff all over again from scratch such as a profession, reputation and so on that is gated even now.

This game needs to bring in more account wide stuff such as this to unlock things that you’ve managed to work hard for on your main so that alts can be used in case some patch or hotfix changes something that makes you have to change a class and/or spec to be able to continue on without having to try and play catchup.

That’s what WoW needs now, Account Wide linked stuff, far more of it than is given.

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After 2 days 11 hours /played at level 120 on my mage alt I managed to get decent ilvl and essence collection. I’m not switching main not really pushing that toon so it could be better. If my guild would be alive then it would be significantly easier (M+ and raid help). Had to get help from one of posters from here when trying to time a +7 (as good/experienced/geared players have close to no reason running less than 10… until it’s dungeon quest week).

They aren’t bound to account but some are given from quick sources like magni questline, M+, Raid, islands etc. plus 8.3 adds new so you can focus on very specific content to get your essences.

Are you sure? if you aren’t doing every possible high end end-game you don’t really need much from the essences. Also the game does want that people stick to like one character if they want to progress further into the game so that people get better at their characters instead having constant influx and death of bad characters. After 2 days 11h on my mage even if I make wowanalyzer somewhat happhy my DPS is at best a green parse, close to a grey one. I would need way more practice, gear, gear simming etc to make it a valuable character that can hold it ground on simple things as +10 key or HC EP at such very old state.

I am currently farming rep with Piligrim(now over) + Darkmoon Faire buff on my alt to prepare it for Nyalotha HC…
The amount of times I cried while doing the content all over again and having a headache to grind the mats to get the essences is enough for me to hate alting this expansion.


Buy shadowlands, get a free 120 boost and you have a level 50 neck and 380, well just under that.

Switching mains especially if you to higher level content is daunting.

If I switch my char (ilvl 443 or something) It takes month to reach that ilvl unless very lucky.
450 ilvl azerite garbage needs already 9 Weeks if you doing m+ every week above lvl 10.
Filling item slots with 440+ pieces is usually limited to the weekly chest which is completely random and easy to get garbage or double pieces.
Grinding your heart up to lvl 65 takes quite a while even with the reduced AP required now.
Getting some of the essences required for some specs to perform well requires several weeks as well.

To catch up to my main would take me probably around 3 Month

thats stupid honestly. Yes you can run +10s or whatever with lower gear, but higher than that you will have to wait till you play catch up

Yes it is, but pushing an alt to the spot of deck down main makes him less of an alt then. Mythic progression player may need few such mains and if anyone is switching main for top end game content the main problem isn’t likely gear but experience/skill allowing to play the spec as efficiently as main. Good guilds can ilvl boost alts but those alts then must start improving their parses.

All depends if you want good playable alt or +15/Mythic raid capable main-alike character. 445 azerite is either bought from M+ as you wrote but also from 3 first mythic bosses in EP for which groups form. And a good guild could maybe push more to gear such alts. In 8.3 Random 445 Azerite (Normal) is 175 TR where as +10 gives 1700 TR.

There will be ilvl reset so you can focus on practice and some essence unlocks and stuff rather than gearing with 8.2 gear that will become obsolete in a ~month.

I have one alt and getting neck above 65 wasn’t that long, especially when having 2d11h played at max level. It can be annoying though, especially on multiple characters :wink: kill-1-mob WQs are key for sane AP/rep catchup (+contract on). And the bis essences may or may not lineup with those more easily available. Mechagon and PvP would be most gated likely.

The game tries to “stick to your main and improve it gameplay” and is bit unwilling to incentivize toon switching by overflowing gear as that could just create more poorly playing alts that are main-wannabies but aren’t played by Method so they will be bad for quite some time. On the other hand true-alt/casual-alt progression is lacking. We need catchup system, then system reworks to be account bound/skippable and so forth and if something isn’t fully axed like the essence acquisition then it becomes the most annoying part of the game.

Define playable?

1 month for 3 purple essences (maybe 1 blue)

2 weeks for blue ones.

I play 4 chars this expo, I started with my rogue, moved to priest in 8.1 and Monk to 8.2.each time they had done little to nurse their hoa.

Now I play my monk, my dk, my warrior and shaman. 3 of those have hoa 65 plus, shammy is at 63 (I started playing him seriously about a week ago).

All three chars have mostly purple essences with the odd blue bar my monk who have full purple and some oranges.

The shaman started off at 388 ilevel with benthic sent, AV quest wep done and WQ rings. Once I hit this ilevel I took him straight into mythics and over the first week I healed keys starting at 0 up to an eventual 11 (by that point my ilevel had crept up to 409 due to benthic up scaling and the odd mythic drop).

I healed the 11 with two essences, both green. Its doable. Just play with the right people (I play with my community, and no I was not carried given our ilevels.). Wasn’t easy, I needed mana pots etc but we timed it as 2 as well.

You don’t need purples to play. It makes it easier but the green essence is what gives the bulk of the power. The upgrades are good but not essential to get the job done.

Sadly the Essence system is indeed alt not friendly.

Rep etc is fine.

But I believe it is also a good metric for how much you like alts.

I did it on three chars my Lock, Warrior and Paladin and yes it was kind of frustrating but made it.

Do I like any other class enough to do it on a 4th toon? The answer is no, because I Pushed it on my 3rd alt cause I really liked that alt.

So yeah… if you REALLY want to play a Class, start working on it instead of writing forum threads.

It’ll add up pretty quickly and you’ll get that sense of fullfilment afterwards when you do it :slight_smile:

Tbh, i’ve just come back to the game (quit BFA roughly 2-4 weeks into its release)

  • I havent done the war Campaign (boosted chjar with SL pre-purchase) i had already done reputations on a Mage which i quit.
  • Havent unlocked 3/4s of the essences
  • my Cruicable of Flame is only blue quality xD
  • not done the Talent tree thing on the boat (the BFA guy u talk to pick one of two options finishing on the amassador one)
  • Cant Fly
  • Barely started mechagon.
  • Done no LFRs

in all honesty all i do is long on each day, get my FOllower in Nazjatar a extra level. Do quests in mechagon til im bored…and do a few +6s each week, to get some items :stuck_out_tongue:

and i aint doing that badly :smiley:

Sayingf that im only 416 ilevel XD

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