War Mode On, Alliance outnumbers Horde yet has 25% enlisted bonus

Everything is in the title, I opened a topic on the customer support forum.

Please join your voices to mine.

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Nah I like it


Been like this since WM was introduced. Don’t have your hopes up it will ever change.

Yep, it was complained about notably during BfA and nothing was done. Too much effort required I guess.

Defias Brotherhood Hordies deserve it after how hard they went after Alliance RPers tbh.


You seem to have gotten lost on your way to the graveyard? This is the Argent Dawn forum, we do not control the lords of WoW. Furthermore, there are other shards with more Horde than Alliance after all.

Good as it is. Horde must be dismantled, honourable kill by honourable kill.


Horde outnumber more than Alliance across the whole Euro servers so that is why Alliance gets the buff.
You have servers where the inverse is true but these are the exceptions to the rule.

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Defias Brotherhood was the most balanced server on EU before WM

Yeah, and? On Defias Brotherhood Hordies made guilds with the singular purpose of hunting down any Alliance RPer outside of Alliance cities. It killed off world RP completely, and eventually RP as a whole with most people fleeing here.

and that’s why you had the choice to go RP only or RP-PVP

It’s still a :poop: move.


Five, six people geared for PvP still won’t stand much of a chance versus a guild full of people intent on hunting them down.

sure thing buddy, thanks for the bump anyway

so the entire horde population of defias brotherhood and other rp-pvp should be “punished” because a few guilds were dedicated on hunting alliance players in the open on a dedicated pvp realm back in the day ?

what the hell is wrong with you people

the entire horde population is not being punished - if you enter a place where the sign says “you might get punched in the face if you enter here”, and you walk in anyway and get punched in the face, you didnt get punished, you got exactly what you were told you were getting

such a non-complaint honestly

The WM Enlisted bonus is based on regional faction balance, so it’s uniform across all of Europe+Russia. It doesn’t go per server. This is because all other servers except the RP ones all share the same WM shards anyway, so balancing the WM buff on a per-server basis makes no sense.

This interaction then happens because RP servers are only sharding with each other, and AD, the largest of them, is massively slanted towards Alliance. So we get the regional balance determiner for the WM buff (Horde is favored) but don’t have to play on the WM shards that determine it.

ABOC was one guild. There was one guild on DB Horde that was driving people away from Gilneas, Duskwood etc. At the peak of that one guild’s activity (mid-late Cata-early MOP), there were three alliance guilds on Defias Brotherhood doing the same thing. Idk what ABOC has to do with the WM Enlisted buff, but pretending the PVP Griefers were a Horde only phenomenon suggests to me you either didn’t play on the server at the time or you weren’t very active in the community. It was a problem for both sides.

Also, WPVP Griefers wasn’t what killed RP on Defias. WPVP Guilds were targetting RP areas since the days of Realmwalkers in Vanilla-TBC, Shadow of Nine and Goon Squad in WLK, ABOC in Cata-MOP. We dealt with that since day 1, and RP thrived there for a decade.

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Just WM shard us with everyone else and be done with it, the rp only wm shard experiment failed

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they’re not changing it
The buff is based off region wide but AD as an RP server is sharded with exclusively RP servers and alliance is dominates here.
But again the buff is based on region wide.

There’s a difference between pvping from an RP context and pvping to interupt RP.
Honestly there is 0 sympathy from me spent on the latter, I don’t care what blizzard intended, if you interupted RP unless you come from a pure normal or pvp server type; it doesn’t matter to me.

I’m not saying that you did, I’m just explaining why I won’t care about your plight if you did.

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Excuse me sir, this is a realm forum. If you wish to voice your concerns to this matter, I’d suggest moving to the General Forum or perhaps the Gameplay Forum :slight_smile: