War sucks in pvp

Idk why casters cry about melee meta when casters dominate the ladder. Only DH and DK are good because they are op not because melee is strong.

Can’t do anything with warrior…bladestorm does pitiful damage, our set is very bad…like why make it around rend? Rend is not real damage lol. Fury barely got buffed maybe it will change with 4 set but not sure…war is just in a very bad state right now.
Only good thing we have is mobility but it does not help much when we hit like a wet noodle.

/10 char

I play fury atm n if you think fury hits like a wet noodle you´re doing something absurdly wrong. I frequently do 200k+ nonecrit BT´s with the setbonus. I dont know what your requirements for “good damage” is but not even pre nerf DH would make the cut by your measurements i fear.

As for arms, its objectively better than fury n i think fury is sleeper atm. If arms was nerfed im convinced everyone would flock to fury. The setbonus is extremely fun.

I also want to add, in regular 3v3 its a caster meta, in shuffle which is the gamemode you play its still a melee meta. If you run into tripple casters as melee its indeed going to suck but that is very rare to happen. Both arms n fury are extremely strong in shuffle so if you cant make either work you need to adjust your playstyle.

One thing i find myself doing alot with fury is picking up the safeguard talent in certain matchups where i know my teammate is going to get nuked. Both arms n fury are very tanky, fury even more so than arms so the odds of you being the kill target are very low unless you´re teamed up with say a sub rogue.

Its very rare that me dying is the reason we lose a round but rather my teammate dying. Warriors dont have peels like say DK´s do but those intervenes are gamechanging if you use them properly.

ye, warriors so bad

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