WAR/WARLOCK LF Mythic guild


Hey the names Ollie, i am 21 years old and Currently on the search for a new mythic progressing guild my old guild collapsed after 2 weeks of mythic progression.
Looking for a 3+ day a week guild horde any server, Pref Twisting Nether.

old guild disbaneded 2 months ago because guild leader decided to stop showing up, guild was wiping on zekvoz 10-20% ish.

Have got to the end bosses on every patch since start of legion with some CE achis

Old guilds include -
VII - Emerald Dream
Judge - Alonous
Carnage - Twisting nether

have raided since cata and have been playing since late BC.

add cycrox#2665 for more info


Hi! We would love to have you but we are on alliance, if you are interested please add me arya7#2306. We raid 3 times a week and our mythic progress is 4/8 soon 5/8.


Hello! Please check us out.

(Blukuqt) #4


Add me on bluku#2821 for a chat



(Spikeyshadow) #5

Hi there Navrock/Sepher,

We are a 4/8M guild but we do only raid 2 days a week and not on your server. Still we love the sound of you and would like a Warrior or a Warlock so I thought I would drop you a line all the same.

What we value most is enjoying the game with each other while also trying to progress as far as we can as a raiding guild.

You can read a lot more about us on WoWProgress The Exiles - Shadowsong (I’m sorry but the new forums do not let me post links yet). If you think we would be a good fit for you then please get in contact (My Battlenet is Spikey#2323).

If not then good luck in your search for the right home,

The Exiles


Hey, I’m recruiting for Hi Goat on Tarren Mill.

We raid Wed/Sun/Mon 20 - 23.30 and are currently working on Zul Mythic.

Check us out at Higoat . org

and here’s my battletag if you like what you see on our site


Still on the look out warlock is currently 360 ilvl

(Sorki) #8

hello, we are recruiting