Warbands for trial accounts

Will Trial accounts have access to warbands?

We won’t know until at least we see what comes out of Alpha, but I can’t see how they could avoid applying the Warbands features like armor type transmog, flight paths, achievements and so on to trial accounts.

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Indeed an educated guess would be that it’s a game system so trials will see it too.


It is a game wide feature that is not exclusive to TWW content. In the past all those changes were available to every account, regardless of their subscription or expansion level.

So it will likely be available to the trial accounts. It seems that it would be extra work to make it not available for everyone.

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Also would warbands bank be available to free accounts or would it be restricted like guild banks?

I imagine it will be, but see the cost of extra tabs

1000 Gold for the first extra tab
25000 for the second
and much more for the rest

I think free accounts will not be able to buy any extra tabs,

They should be able to afford the first tab since 1000 gold per character is the cap for Trial accounts.

What happens to all my gold in my warbands bank if I stop subbing and play as a trial account?