Warcraft Short Story: “The Vow Eternal”

Warcraft Short Story: “The Vow Eternal”

Attend the wedding of the century with Wrathion as he seeks knowledge about the Dragon Isles, the ancestral homeland of Azeroth’s dragonflights, in this humorous and heartfelt short story by New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden.

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Yup, same here. :rage:

It has now appeared. Enjoy!

The adventures of the teenage angst black dragon Wrathion!


That was lovely as always! Christie Golden is awesome.

Haha shot in the foot. Learn to test before release Blizz.

Started out very sappy and cheesy.

Improved a fair bit halfway through.

Really liked the ending, tied a few things together nicely.

My only issue is that Liadrin is not a redhead. She has brown hair!!! Worst lore mistake ever /s

I thought Mayla and Baine were together when I did the stay a while and listen. Wondering why Ebyssian wasn’t invited, he would have handled Wrathion and the grimtotem way better.

Wrathion :sparkling_heart: Kalecgos ship confirmed when?

I’ll wait for the Flying Buttress to do his video of it.

eh but she is a red head only like her super early model was a brunette :smiley:

heck her latest heartstone apperence has her as a redhead too

i’m sad she never got the complete armor from heartstone though she got the sword and shield at least

as for wrathion i always enjoy this short stories their great

Squints her in game model is brown. She would look way better with red. Silly blizzord.

I think there are a few weird or annoying little things.

  • Why does Wrathion seem like a weary old dude when he’s like 15 at most? He even has an idea of what weddings are usually like, like what. How many weddings do rogue dragon whelps attend on an average week?
  • Why does (nearly) every major leader need to attend these things. It’s like a frigging annual meetup for the Avengers, where everybody present is a super hero and no one is the other alike. Can’t it just be a bunch of elves and some ambassadors or diplomats or whatever? The world feels smaller when they do it like this. It’s like no one exists except for the notable characters we tend to interact with at endgame.
  • Forced mentions of love interests and romantic relationships, like with Shaw and Flynn. I get that Golden wanted to frame Wrathion’s experience in this story as a loner looking to belong. It made for a nice pay-off at the end (albeit a bit rushed perhaps). But it could be done in a number of ways. Comradery for example. Soldiers hanging out, watching each other’s back. It always seems to center around sappy love stories these days.

I mean tbh I share Wrathion’s feelings in the “UGH so much sappy love everywhere” and always have. It annoyed me that he was saying he was all alone but he has Ebyssian! Suddenly his big bro disappears from existence? Silly dragon.

He does not look old or weary?


I meant more in his way of thinking.

How dare you… Wrathion is a hottie. We kind of have the same hair rn when I let it down :lion:

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