Warcraft Short Story: “Visage Day”

Warcraft Short Story: “Visage Day”

Travel Azeroth with Chromie as she seeks wisdom from her fellow dragons in creating a visage, the mortal form dragons choose when coming of age, in this charming and heartfelt fairy tale by Lead Narrative Designer Steve Danuser, part of the short story collection Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth.

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danuser brainfarts, df story will be gold. cringe gold


Read part of it, not bad so far. Will finish it later.


Downloaded. Ill read it later cuz short stories are always quite good.
Just i need a spyglass…

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Give me a TL;DR version pretty please.

At this point I’ve already given up expecting anything good from DFs story, Danuser is far too obsessed with his favourite characters to the point he excludes others i.e Anachronos.

It’s already a dumpster fire, I fully expect DF to be a dumpster fire on steroids with a touch of toxic waste on top.

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My friend was one of the first people in the world to own that book. Somehow Aussies got it first. This was one of the stories she shared with me, along with the Vereesa one. Still grateful.

Finally best dragon gets her short story.

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Dayum Chromie is such a cutie.

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I read the opener. Is this the first time Chronormu has been canonically acknowledged as male in dragon form?

Perfect. I love it. It’s going to get so much forum rage, but I’m happy. I will pass this story on to friends who will be happier for its existence.

And laugh at those who are angry :joy_cat:

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why be a jerk about it, jusy enjoy yourself without enjoying other’s suffering. once more pretending to be a virtues person who is actually a bad person. thanks for revealing. sad that other

between anger and suffering there is a huge difference.
Why always you take futile things so seriously?

it’s the same thing. enjoying other people’s negative emotions is just a sad thing, not something actual decent ppl do. you wouldn’t understand clearly

nah i just disagree. its not a matter of understanding. i have a normal brain that (sometimes) works.
Relax and take a breath.

why be patronizing now? no need… all these ppl pretending to be decent here, but actually most toxic ppl ever. feels like a bunch of americans

Not all the americans are toxic. like all the people in the world there are good and bad. Generalizing is a bad thing imho.
And im not patronizing … just reasoning.
About bein fake decent… forn someone you could be right… but why anger? is just a game forum.

Anyway: its a cute story. i like it!


At least more characters are getting spotlight other than Princess Elsa, i mean Jaina. and Sylvanas. so im all for it.

I also realized through the Sylavanas novel that i actually dont like Alleria… she became boring in my eyes.

i did thought she was cool back in warcraft 2, however i realized now that she reminds me of Tauriel which is why i thought she was cool.

A elf who rebels against her people’s beliefs, follows her heart, cast out by her people, and falls in-love with a non-elf.

thats Tauriel alright. Sorry Alleria, but Tauriel is better,


If someone thinks that having visibility of subcultures and minority communities is ‘suffering’ then I consider them a bigot. I don’t have a problem enjoying the discomfort of bigots, and nor should anyone else :smile_cat:

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