Warden set changes colour day/night confirmed

So we now have confirmation that the Warden set will change colours and imo it’s an incredibly bad design, just like with the mount.
Now, people can’t use single pieces for other transmogs, or keep their preferred colour even if they use the whole set (green ftw)
The easiest solution could have been to just add 3 versions, colour change and the two colours on their own but for some reason they’d rather hammer through their idea even if most of the people i’ve seen talk about the topic dislike it. Which is kind of mad seeing how much this transmog has been requested for years.

What are the thoughts of the people in general discussion to this?

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Well, i didn’t use the cat because of it. I probably wouldn’t use the transmog either.

Funny enough i’ve not seen anyone use the mount after the month it got released and people used it because “new and shiny”
Personally not using it either because the yellow one is an eyesore :slight_smile:

I used it for like 3 months since I love all of the tiger models but I wish we got to pick the color of it since I hate the yellow version.

Well I still use mine and I have gotten used to the idea it changes with day and night. I love that mount and will continue to use it for a long time.

As for the wardens set, I hope they dont change it. I like the idea it changes with day and night and also if folks are not happy with that means that not the entire community will look like twins.

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