Warlock LF Mythic guild


10/10HC & 2/10 Mythic (mythic progress was on shadow priest)
Can play both Aff or Destro but prefer destro.

Looking for a guild that mainly focuses on mythic and doing mythic keys.

Previous cutting edge experience in older tiers


Good morning Shortcast. Sent you a Btag request.

Hi Keatu,

Would love to speak with you some more.

Please have a read of our post below and let us know if it interests you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

hey mate, Tasty Intentions is a guild on the Dragonmaw-Stormreaver etc server cluster who is going for mythic progression (we are 3/10 atm, but hopefully 4 or even 5/10 next lockout). We raid Thursday/Sunday evenings. If you are looking for a laid-back, absolutely non-toxic, friendly environment that nonetheless focuses very much on progression and quality raids then lets have a talk on discord :slight_smile: my discord ID is: Zordan#2414

hey add lowbattery#2244 and lets have a chat :slight_smile: