Warlock pets in Shadowlands

I think warlock pets need some change. We all want our infernal/doomlord back. What about enslaving demons being viable? For an hour perhaps. Or something similar to a hunter stable, questlines to unlock different demons to summon/skins. Old grimoire of sup was awesome.
I also think if we’re given the ability to sacrifice a pet, it should be a more rewarding experience than a bit of damage occasionally.
What pet changes would you want to see in Shadowlands?


What is the point of enslaving demons if they will despawn if we enter PvP instance/dungeon/raid or any encounter where loading screen is present. And knowing blizzard they would not allow us to du such thing,
Instead of toying with enslaving, Blizzard need to focus on our pets, the current archetypes Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, Felhunter and Felguard byimproving their abilities, dehomogenising their damage numbers, improving AI, and interaction with warlock toolkit.
And additionaly creating a new acretypes, like observer and Shivarra. These two demons are deserve better then being glyphs for other demons. Like Shivarra - demoness should be a melee range damage dealer, and by the lore she should be extremely powerfull. Shivarras are more powerfull then fel and wrath guards for example, same goes with observer. Demon is in lore has more unique and interesting spells that our felhunter posses.

Hunters recieve every xpac new pets, new skins for old pets, new types of pets, while warlocks was stuck with 5 archetypes of demons for years, and we recieve one glyph for our demons from time to time…well actualy it was ages since we had some new glyphs for our demons. So, if blizzard not willing to give us new glyphs then maybe they should add system that will allow us to chose skin of our demon for example? Many demons like succubus and Shivarras has several skins in database, but we as warlock are stuck only with one, same goes with imp, felguard.


But what do you expect from people who said in the legion that they want every spec to feel unique then put soul shards for every lock spec?
Almost 2 years of asking for changing deathbolt ended with nerfing affi and not solving the problem…
Almost 4 years of asking for instant shadowfury ended with nothing…
Almost 2 years of asking for changes in AoE as no matter how hard we try we’re behind mages ended with nothing…
Pet changes, i was so sure after Argus it will be perfect time to do some changes as Argus is under our control now.


I agree, more changes within our current system. Given the amount of demons in the twisting nether, it’s pretty pathetic we only have permanent control over 5. One being an imp, that demonology warlocks throw into targets.
Spells like neither portal should be a bit more engaging, all the demons it can summon, why can’t we enslave one of those?
Perhaps they could give us an enslave demon quest, where the shackles become permanent (but not visible, as to kill the aesthetic), with different demon families, (tank, dps, utility), with some fresh appearances and interactions. I think something REALLY needs to be done for warlocks, if they aren’t changing demo much, this may be the first xpac since LK where I don’t main a warlock…

I also oppened a Topic about this and some other changes I would like to see in Shadowlands. Bringing the Doomguard back would be good but at this point I think it should be a baseline pet maybe a replacement for Succubus. Our warlock are way more powerfull now some more bigger and better Demons is a must in my oppinion. I would like to see the entire rework of our baseline pets and bigger/better CD pets. We saw so many cool Demons in Legion blizz should make a use of them for warlocks :smile:

I agree! What annoys me is we walk through our order hall, saluted by demons, with loads there of awesome power. And we get…Felguard at best? Kinda anticlimactic.

I do hate soulshards, its a copy and paste of paladin holy power and feels odd, I actually miss soulshard farming


Soul shards are actually a rage type of resource in a different visual design.

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We don’t need a replacement for our demons, we need additional demons under our command - i mean additional types of main demon. Succubus is good, especialy for several playstyles.
Doomguard should return as damage CD, or replacement of Tyrant.

But above all, demonology needs a good synergy with it’s demons, talents that directly improve our main demon, or adding flavor for some of our imps/dreadstalkers and the others.

The whole design of demonic commander should be changed, and changed drasticaly. We need quality over quantity of demons.

By replacement I meant the models of the pets not their playstyle. An new model like what I mentioned for example the Doomguard could do the same thing,have the same abilities as the Succubus did just tailored to the Doomguard. The whole idea is the fantasy. Many people including me just want all new pets after having the same ones for more than a decade.

Then we should demand new pet archetypes and not visual replacement for our existing pets. Removing or replacing at the baseline our existing demons is not the way of developing class. I for example do not wanna replace my succubus or Shivarra with Doom guard, i would rather see him as an additional demon to summon. I would love to see new main demons like shivarra that should recieve her own set of abilities and not be replacement for succubus…same goes for Wrathguard and observer.


Been dreaming of this for 14 years now.

They missed that oppurtunity in legion especially with the mage tower

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I’m sorry but which playstyle ? PvP?

Because in PvE I have never seen anyone using the Succubus and some other demons on a regular basis. Succubus has always been used for PvP only and isn’t used as often now. (Heard she had an ability that made her useful in PvE but then deleted)

Every pet should be viable and have something interesting to bring in PvE. It’s really sad to see how some pets are forgotten cause they don’t bring as much as Felguard/Imp for example.

PRE Legion Succubus has more ST damage then Felguard. And Shivarra was even more powerful ST damage dealer then Wrathguard due Shivarra’s extreme good scaling from intelect. After the legion yes, succubus/shivarra became mainly PvP pet.

I like all of these, yeah I think updated models and new archetypes. Perhaps infernals, jailers etc could be your AoE pets of choice, I just want some changes to our pet system, as aside from that demo/destro is looking pretty poor for SL. Which is sad, as my locks been my main since cata!

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