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I’ve been wanting to role-play as a Warlock and I had a question regarding my character’s personal morality and philosophy.

Is it possible to role-play a Warlock with the same philosophy as Demon Hunters? In this case, I mean fighting fire with fire and believing the only way to destroy the Legion is by using it’s power against itself. I’m hoping for my character to be someone who is so afraid of demons that he can’t think of any other option than to try and learn everything he can about their power and practice it so that he’s prepared for any potential encounter.

On the surface, I’m hoping to simply pass him off as a Mage - which is what I’d think he was before dabbling in Fel. If ever around people in combat, he’d only cast indistinguishable destruction spells that look like fire magic but I’ve been thinking about how he is when he’s alone.

Would like to know your thoughts on this. I’m not sure who else to discuss it with at the moment so I thought I’d come here.



Technically yes. Practically will the lore say that your fear will in the end drive you to being angry at your powerless and so longing for power where in the end you will become what you feared. Reminder that even with their special education many demon hunters failed.
While it is possible to say you play warlock like Tehd Shoemaker, canonical it is certain that in the end you will going to crave power less for fighting fire with fire but more like for your enjoyment in burning them painfully.

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Your character’s goal and motivations are what you make of them. That aside, if memory serves me right OC alliance warlocks were the ones who picked the art after the first orcish horde invasion. For a similar reason soo, should be quite do-able.

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Known Warlock characters often say how strong-willed and diciplined one must be to be a warlock, and they definitely strike me as wanting to “do something good with something bad”, but I also get the impression that they enjoy using fel magic to destroy their enemies.

I think fel corrupts more if one uses it more, so I try to RP mine as being cautious when using it. (And of course not displaying their summoned demons near cities and such!)

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If you mean with OC the adventurers that we are supossed to represent then you are right.
If you mean generally the Warlocks on the alliance side which where already there in Stormwind back in Classic then you are wrong. The human warlocks are actually way way older then the orcish Warlocks. Aegwynn with her title as the guardian of Tirisfal and so the creation of the Council of Tirisfal whas just because the Mages of Dalaran feared back then the return of the demon and the humans that desire their power.

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I was mostly referring to adventurers thoguh council was created (and guardian) because rampart use of magic in general (arcane) thinned the barriers between nether and dalaran. Same reason why the runestones were placed around eversong, to mask sunwell. In the older lore demons were far more cosmic horror-ish, and practice of magic could draw them in. Hence the 4 laws of arcane.

  • Magic is powerful.
  • Magic is corrupting.
  • Magic is addicting.
  • Magic draws the denizens of the Twisting Nether to those who wield the arcane.

Well, that’s certainly a blast from the past…you’re giving me vibes from the Warcraft 2 printed manual.

Is there still support for arcane magic being regarded as such as of current lore?

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practice of magic drawing demons was from well of eterntiy novels I believe–and wow comics, that came out during wowtimes. Rampart use of magic (that being really excesive use) can thin the barriers between nether and our realm.

Arcane being related to fel is no longer cannon though, as in the really old lore fel was tainted arcane.

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If you think about it , Arcane is related to fel still .

We know in lore that that the cycle of a life of a Naaru is to go from Light to Shadow and we have seen in WoD a Shadow Naaru go back to Light .
We know that Life goes into Death and vice versa as opposites of the above chart .
So why wouldn’t Order go into Disorder and vice versa ?

It seems that so far according to my understanding all 6 forces stem from 3 base foundations .
You can transform Light into Shadow , but you cannot transform light into arcane .
Light <> Shadow
Life <> Death
Arcane <> Fel
As such it seems that Fel IS a corrupted version of Arcane … from the Titan perspective .
But this begs an interesting thought .
Is Arcane a corrupted version of Fel from the demon’s perspective ?

And if the above are connected in this way , and you can transform Shadow into Light , Fel into Arcane and Death to life … Does this mean that the opposing forces simply try to feed upon each other in order to make more of themselves ?

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All you’ve done is bring us more questions than answers!


I believe, regarding the opposing forces of the chart, they are just that: Opposing forces. Sort of like push and pull, maybe? It’s not the same, but you might largely achieve the same (-ish?) result if you “do the opposite thing” with the opposing force.

In the Earthly realm, shadow is just the absence of light. Void is just the absence of matter. Death is the absence of life.

I think it’s more complicated than that in the Warcraft universe.

If it were possible to “reverse” the force, for example, perhaps Arcane magic could achieve a similar result as Fel magic - maybe Death magic “in reverse” could accomplish a similar result as Life magic, and maybe Holy Light “reversed” could sort of mimic something otherwise achieved by Shadow magic. :thinking::man_shrugging:t3:

Well about Fel being a corrupted version of Arcane is no longer the case. With Legion it is introduced that actually Arcane is the natural enemy of Fel because the orderly version Arcane prevents Fel to go rampant, like a fire that can not burn anymore as the air whas all removed.

What interessts me more, back in the days I have learned that for using Arcane magic you had to have some spark of enlightment and without this spark you can only use maybe some basic spells. Meanwhile Fel on the other hand allowed everyone to use it as the drawback whas that it so corrupts them. Sadly I can not remember anymore where this whas stated and so I wonder, if this is still correct or also retconed?

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