Warmode camping in the Maw

Please can this be dealt with? 100% of times I walk out to do a daily maw quest, a full raid of Alliance players are camping right at the exit and instakill me. You cant even see them while standing in the entrace, it looks all clear I walk out and boom all campers kill me. It s a massive abuse of WOW terms and rules and spawncamping is a bannable offense, so this really shouldnt still be happening 3 weeks into launch.

I then have to respawn, lost sygia, swich warmode off, do the quest, travel back to Orgrimmar to switch it back on.

It’s really an issue. It kills all emersion and while I love warmode, camping a single point which is a must-do daily activity with no way to escape it just plain bad.

Please can warmode be disabled in all of the maw by default? It makes 0 sense.

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