Warmode is not working properly in EU

I don’t know how this crap work on US realms but in EU its dead. Something weird is going on with sharding and phasing. Small servers in WM and you will never see anyone. Then you have high pop realms and they shard better.

I don’t think americans even know something is wrong here.

WM is perfectly fine on EU :+1: unless you play on RP servers… Then it’s dead with 90% Alliance players in WM.

I had the same issue while playing on Argent Dawn, thinking WM was dead on Alliance… Until I swapped server. Best decision ever made, since I spend most my time WPvPing. :slight_smile:

I now play on Kazzak, and sharding is MUCH better on a normal server, with the balance being more 40/60 Horde/Alliance.

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