WARNING: DO NOT TRADE malefic core or you will be banned

Apparently, due to a bug, or lazy blizzard design, it is possible to trade malefic cores to other players inside visions ( the stuff what u get after reach lvl 15 cloak)
According to other websites, blizz put people on temporary or permaban.

So dont do this for your own sake!


Not sure if your post is right and proper.

The more cynically minded of us would see it as a thinly disguised attempt to publicise an exploit which I’m sure Blizz won’t be happy about.

Im trying to warn people to dont do this. But ok.


Well. If are they straight out banning, no questions asked. This warning is better than “finding out” the hard way. :smiley:

This is unending stupidity and incompetence.


Here is an important question: Does it drop more than once a week, or is it a weekly drop?

If you’re current then it’s 1 per week, but if you get behind then you can get one from raid AND one from full Vision clear in the same week.

Ah, good to know, thanks.
This will allow me to stack Twilight Devastation up to the max! :smiley:

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please link, i hate being that person asking for the source sorry.



Some comments also mention this.


Thank you!

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