WARNING! Materials of Significance DO NOT REMOVE THIS QUEST

Quest Materials of Significance gets stuck and becomes imposible to complete if you remove the quest to start over after completing the subquest “A Newly Discovered Purpose…”

If you’r about to start your journey to get the SOD phase 3 specific Paladin rune for Hammer of the Righteous then you might want to read this first.

Once you start Materials of Significance you are prompted to collect some stuff (im trying to not spoil here at the same time as I give a huge warning). One of the things you are going to collect will tell you to complete a subquest called A newly discovered purpose.
Once you have completed that subquest you will recieve a questitem for Materials of significance. DO NOT LOOSE THAT ITEM, it is currently IMPOSSIBLE to get back.
You cannot restore it, you cannot reset your quest-complete status on the subquest and its not a buyback option from the lost and found vendor.
So IF you loose that perticular questitem you will never be able to get the rune you where after or complete the quest Materials of Significance
(This all happened to me :stuck_out_tongue: and everything is confirmed by GMs in several attempts to find a workarround)


Same here… this is a obvious bug tho and should be fixed asap!

it suck not being able to play phase 3 whit the most important spell…

Bugs are reported ingame where they go to the devs. Make sure you give them enough information to try to replicate it.

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Several attempts to commit a bugreport on this via the in-game option and still about 2 weeks later no response what so ever.
They even tell you when you submit a bugreport that " Note: We will review your report, but you won’t receive a response."
Thank you!

Your reports help us resolve issues with the game. You won’t receive a response, but rest assured we will review your report.

Perhaps a solution like the one just implemented for the quest “Warranty Claim” would be a way to go.

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