Warrior are trash

Imagine how blizzard tells they listen community but ignore the warriors player… shame on you Blizzard


I guess one of the 5 devs that sod has working on it was hurt by a warrior back in classic and now holds a grudge so we aren’t allowed to have nice things.

Few examples:
Shieldwall, retaliation (, recklessness) still being 30 minute cooldowns
The runes that were viable and somewhat fun in phase 1 nerfed into being useless
We got another shout to press every 2 minutes and waste our rage on instead of getting some QoL improvemnent like other classes
Phase 2 runes (oh wow, 3 less rage cost, two slam runes and three weak sauce defensive runes)


They are holding you back for now before they give you titans grip at level 60 maybe? :wink:

You’d be surprised on how many warriors are not a fan of Titan’s Grip. It adds nothing in terms of gameplay and it looks ridiculous.


It breaks class fantasy of being masters of all weapons and titans grip is also the reason warriors performed poorly for 3/4 of Classic WOTLK because they nerfed warriors based on original patch 3.3 warrior performance

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if you have played wotlk you would know this from p1 till p4 we were ignored and nerfed multiple times and had a rival spec get the biggest buff in classic history

nobody wants titans grip
we want shockwave, bladestorm, mop version avatar, second wind

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or just to troll everyone give us cloak of shadows :clown_face:

I had a blast in P1 in BFD with my Dual Wield Warrior, Raging Blow, 20% Consumed by Rage. Pumping 350+ DPS on Akumaï.

Now he’s sitting level 31, when I saw how bad the threat was with the Devastate and Deep Wound nerf, it’s … not really interesting.

I was already rage starved in P1 outside of raids (when you don’t have full buff + windfury).

I can’t imagine how bad it feel in P2. At least you don’t play with Consumed by Rage anymore, but damn … the class was so good before they ruined it - some whiners cried to much.

When you see a Warlock Tank, spamming 1 button doing 100k threat in a minute, or a Shaman Tank doing the same thing, they are almost invulnerable and have infinite threat generation. Why would anyone play Warrior Tank ? You have no threat, your survivability is not needed, and you can be crushed/crit while others SoD tank can not with their god runes.

Tbh, they should admit they failed P2 balance and revert all Warrior nerf. They also killed ranged Hunter in P1 with all their nerfs, it was obvious melee was going to outscale ranged in P2 with all the pet nerf from Scorpion to Wind Serpent with Kill Command nerf and the pet scaling with world buffs removed. But yeah at least Hunter have 1 spec playable (until they decide to kill it).

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Its the only thing that would persuade me to play the class again :zipper_mouth_face::face_with_peeking_eye:

Skill issue mate

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Bladestorm, Spell Reflect, Ignore Pain & Heroic Leap.

Give us these, make Mortal Strike actually worth pressing since it only hits 150-200 at the moment and leave Warrior alone focus on everyone else.

At the moment, warriors just can’t keep up with the damage of every other class in the game and it’s because we’re still playing Vanilla whilst everyone else is now playing Cataclysm.


Titans… grip

Little warrior with two big weapons

No need to care about dps meters or rotations when you look amazing!

Warriors currently excel in PvE, and therefore, any PvE buffs are not permitted. Presently, Warriors face a challenging situation as we perform adequately in PvE but struggle significantly in PvP, to the extent that we are not competitively aligned with other classes in the game.

While the inclusion of Titan’s Grip would be amazing, there is concern that it might disproportionately enhance our performance in PvE. What we truly need is a rune specifically tailored to improve our capabilities in PvP, ensuring that any adjustments made solely contribute to our effectiveness in PvP scenarios, without risking an imbalance in PvE damage.

Bladestorm, Spell Reflect, Ignore Pain & Heroic Leap wouldn’t help us at all in PvE, so they’re ideal runes for Warriors in Phase 3.

Let’s normalise rage

That will make it possible to buff warriors without them going out of control at 60

All warriors OK with that?

No because its useless in PVP.

I don’t think we are okai with that. Because the whole point of Vanilla is to have world buff who give you more powers. If my rage is normalized, what’s the point ? Warrior in Era doesn’t have any issues and they are not “normalized”.