Warrior buffs!

No, seriously. We’re actually getting a damn good buff. Read:

Also, deep wounds munching is getting fixed.

Edit: source. https://www.wowhead.com/wotlk/news/wotlk-classic-ptr-3-4-2-sidereal-essence-glyph-of-shattering-throw-titan-rune-332917


I’m happy for Warriors. Can’t wait for Hunters to get some love too.


worst warrior buff ever lol would love a buff like rets/ferals got

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Is a 20% armour debuff (raid wide) worth the GCD?

You certainly do uphold your reputation for trolling.

Excuse me? Letting a unique raid-wide damage cooldown be useable with no penality is a bad buff to you?

I always knew you were full of it

Will we see a strong comeback for blood dps? Hmmm

200 dps for this minor glyph for the warrior himself and spell queue is an unknown 100-200 ish as well ? still waiting for TG dmg reduction to be removed

I should’ve clarified for personal DPS since that’s what most warriors complain about.

Will this be entirely useless in icc where dps start reaching 100% passive arp?

Shattering is seperate from Armor pen

As far as Im aware, with sunders/ff etc and 1400arp (100%) you only ignore 80% of boss armor. The remaining 20% can only be reached with shattering throw.

Ferals ! Its time for payback !

Omg ! Warriors are buffed ! Thats so unfair ! Blizzard wtf ! If u dont revert and nerf im gonna quit ! qq, TT, waaa, waa ! Nerf Blizz ! Omg omg worst company omg !

Etc etc etc.

(Jokes aside, this is fine).

It’s still a personal DPS increase.

Munching fix is a small dps gain, HS queue fix is potentially a small dps increase but I don’t think it will have any impact on my gameplay. The Shattering throw is a massive QOL change and will now make it worthwhile to use Shatter in a variety of situations.

Shatter was a personal dps loss, and while it may remain a slight dps loss on paper (aka a static sim), in a practical situation it’s now going to be a dps increase in a lot of scenarios, so this is a really good change.

The reason it’s a dps loss still is the same reason Heroic Throw is a dps loss, it resets and synchronises your autoattack swings, causing you to lose autoattack damage, delays rage income and requires you to then desync your weapons for the HS bug to work reliably, it effectively does a stop/start on the whole gameplay.

It was worse before because it also required you to dump your rage into battle stance, then stand still and cast it. On a short fight it was something like a 500dps loss before.

I heard people theorize about having 4 warriors, who chain ST for the dps increases to melee during lust/hero.

I have my doubts though.

Are you in my guild? Because we’ve been memeing about this. We had 4 Warriors in the raid on Wednesday, a rare occurrence in WOTLK indeed.

Wrong quote ?

You call that a “buff”?

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Yes, its a buff by definition.

Yes, it is indeed a buff. It might not help you with your grey and green parses, but it’ll help the rest of us.