Warrior class tuning when?

Not sure how we managed to miss out on this wave of class tuning especially Arms spec.

Ive played warrior now for over 15 years and it always feels like we get ignored, warlocks make noise anout not being strong enough for a couple of days and then they get a tuning parse putting them back into top tier.

Anyone else feel like we get ignored or is it just me…


Yup we need tuning special on st dps

They just hate warriors

Never, get used to seeing nothing after warlocks in patch notes.

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Do we not have a class dev who keeps an eye on numbers?

Mage devs… looks at highest keys… ah yes a mage in 99% of keys above 25, but that might be because of mages utility so we better buff them so they are top dps and utility…

Everyone else: looks at highest key classes…ok now i can only invite these classes to my keys betwern 10-20

And yes my main in retail is warrior but it wont let me use any retail chars on forum for some reason

This is so true…you see a class tuning post scroll down see W its warlock and then…nothing every time


Need tuning on AOE too, the sheer gulf in burst AOE compared to a lot of other specs even when going full 8 target burst (CS + In for the Kill into Avatar/Bladestorm + Hurricane into Dragon Roar, then Bladestorm again to maintain full hurricane stacks) is pretty sad.

Arms dps with long execute phases is really decent on single, but drops off as execute phases shorten. But Arms really needs both 5-8 target AOE boost and single target, preferably by increasing rend spread to 8 targets and buffing Bladestorm damage by a lot, and then doing a blanket 3-5% buff in addition to that.

That still leaves Arms nowhere near top, but a lot better. Otherwise you’re talking about waiting until future patches or future seasons for larger reworks, which sucks for us right now when already better specs got a bandaid boost.


Next expansion, it will be better guys. :smile:

haha i have accepted the fact that on class tuning notes the last class in that posting will always be warlock.

i dont expect anything anymore for warrior. all 3 specs are lackluster compared to their peers

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everyone hates warriors bro like you all act surprised that the most unimaginative, conceptless, simple to play, boring fantasy class is not loved.
I hope you all have a shlt day, warrior enjoyers.

Thanks Alessarhrina you too

But doesn’t it feel great when a hunter 10+ ilvls below you shoots past in AoE?

You can replace hunter with rogue, dh, warlock.


That’s rich coming from an RP’er.

Reworking and freeing some aoe talents like Sweeping strike make it like legion lvl 15 talent and cleave to replace mortal strike or just be passive ability on your ability and auto attack.
Miner mastery change make Deep wounds passive ability on crits like hunter Marksman thing on thier general talents so we are free to switch targets or some events on m+ when both bladestworm on cd and warbreaker on cd too you end up just using thunderclap and it feels horrible because you know that you missed your mastery damage increase on those enemies.
I think it’s time to finally make bladestworm a rage spender ability with no cd. Make this ability great on cd and aoe lets arms be this unique play style that no other melee have if you want to differentiate Melees playstyle its great opportunity to introduce a gameplay based on bladestworm instead of heavy focus on execute.
Also i notice this patch we have like billion rage generated passively and somehow i feel like I can’t spend it until execute phase this would greatly help on soothing this unlimited rage issue we have. I hope the best for Arms and i think we are not touched or noticed by devolpers maybe they are cooking for us the best talents rework.

U really are pissing on the destruction changes of locks? Rofl hahahahaha u are littarly pissing on the worst SPEC OF THE GAME ATM.

Warlocks have Demo, go troll somewhere else

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I feel like fury needs some PvE damage tuning. For raid, but especially for mythic plus. Since all this class brings is damage for the lack of good utility, please at least make it deal great damage. Right now, if you’d stealth buff for example whirlwind damage by a whopping 300%, nobody would even notice…

yeah warrios in pvp kinda fall behind the same other specs too, not as extreme as in pve tho i think

i do have a feeling in next expansion war within warriors will have their glory time but well ehh time will tell i guess

This is pure refined copium.

Subscription canceled if Blizzard cant respond to feedback for months. I spend Millions of Gold in my Charactere, Legy, T3 and some Stuff, i Pay since Release and this Company does everytime nothing. I dont let people tell me which classes I have to play so that people can invite me, is it that hard to balance? it is a joke. bye