Warrior got overbuffed

So it’s not the warrior who is broken ,its the game formula that became more appealing to newcomers and ppl who didn’t have the brainpower to understand the game

Make mage blink 45 sec
Make every lock port 2min.
Make every rog kidney 45 sec.
Make every mage root same dr.
Make kidney and sheep share the same dr before anything cc wise gets changed from a class that doesnr have spam cc or any good borst.

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I think the formula breaks the game. Impossible to balance it when warriors, mages, monks, dh, evoker etc can zip through the map.

Turns the pvp into the mess d2 has when people tele spam across the map

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We don’t recommend changes that will make warrior super easy to deal with we discuss how strong they are

Spell reflect is so easy to outplay lol

why are you so worried about mobility?

you just tab target to the next closest person to you if your main prey escapes, and you do unhealable damage to them instead

im not sure what is it you want?

do you want unhealable damage and ms?
do you want absurd mobility and mechanics?
or do you like to have them both?

because we dont all have built in ms effect and auto attacks and high defense on top of high sustain and mobility and cc mechanics. its just warrior pmuch

Its the style of west world MMOs , they have mobility Asian style mmos are immovable

Well if mages only had 1 blink and no displacement, alter time it evens out doesn’t it?

Every meele has more mobility as in shadowlands which was the first good move blizz did in years cause caster dominated df s1 s2 look the awc cups every team lock mage boomy and rog and also lock rog mage won both of them. Even tho warrior has this Mobility blizo got the d from msge lock and rmp.

No , because like my class I want other classes to challenge me on my button usage


so then remove MS effect from warriors

they dont need it

frankly, and since the absurd buffs to melee mobility, i dont think MS effect has any place in the game anymore. this isnt even a hot take

Warrior was the first ms class in the game if anytjing evry other class should have it removed.

My memory might be blurry but didn’t wound poison exist in classic aswell?

Yes it did but i think it was only 10% and ms 25?

So warrior was not the first one then?

You can jusz 100-0 ppl as enha i dont dee your problem here

Rog and warrior but 25% warry was the first thats why arms was called ms warrior

Ms was 50%

In classic? Holy Cow i didnt plsy classic or bc do idk

How much did you pay for the R1 account btw? Also, nice to see that you took your time again to spam report me. :joy:

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