Warrior in DF


i just wanted to appreciate the options you can pick. If it stays that way, i will clearly be Arms onetrick. Thank you Blizz, pls dont change anything!

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I like the core aspects but i don’t like a few things that are clearly a problem, like the fury tree split between single minded fury and grip.

Just like frost dk two handed, it should be made baseline, or straight up keep only one of the 2. Or at least allow people to choose the type of weapon they want.

But the talent design should never be around certain weapons, you should never have something like that split.

It’s just not worth it to balance like that. I understand that they want to have 2 possible playstiles, but this is definitely not the way to go.

Other than that, the talent ideas themselves look good.

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The arms talent tree looks good but…
The fury talent tree looks broken…
The option to have Recklessness+Avatar+Bladestorm and then choose Signet to enable crazyness is beyond me…

Why does Arms only have Avatar available and Fury can choose both Recklessness and Avatar…
That + Odyn’s will make Fury again the Top spec (Maybe even 9.2 Destro WL OP?)

I dont know, i really didnt look onto the fury talents until now. Just because i find Arms really exciting. Beeing ST Monster + lower BS cd due to AM. Doing this while still having dreadnought seems really nice. On top there is just so much rage to dump. I am really looking forward

Yeah, as the builds are looking atm we will be playing both Fury and Arms! What a time to be playing WoW!

Arms will be the dominating ST build.
Fury will be the dominating AOE build.
I am unsure if this is what they ment to do, but hey… Atleast Arms will see some use now, even if it is limited in situations :sweat_smile:

I’m gonna stay fury. The LegionSpell return make me crazy when i saw it ont the tree.

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