Warrior in WPvP and BGs?

I’m kind of searching for a “main” atm, since I am currently just “playing whichever class I feel like whenever I log in”. But doing so means not completing the content given to us in the current patch… :sweat_smile: So I need ONE character to primarily focus on. :slight_smile:

I like collecting weapon tmog, so here I am… looking at Warrior as a possibility, since they can collect them all except warglaives. :tipping_hand_man:


How is Warrior in WPvP/duels and BGs? :slight_smile:

I am aware that Warrior is BY MANY, seen as “the worst 1v1 class in the game”… But I would love to know “HOW bad it is”?

Is Warrior at a slight disadvantage? Or is it a “find yourself a pocket healer or give up” situation?

Just play what you want and try to get better at it , warrior is a way of life… yes maybe some classes are very hard to beat but if u master well all the tricks I actually win all 1 vs 1 in world content , im full pvp , i actually managed to beat a retribution paladin using the right talents a miracle yes but i did it I reflected the stun too and use heal potion and all cds , I beat mages too , hunters , shadow priest , locks , rogues, but u need to play all your stuff perfect if you find a very good player well is probably a lose but there is a chance you need to outplay them fast and use well spellreflect, if u missplay u will get reckt , for pvp arms warrior is not that bad , if u play well the bladestorms stuns , fear and defensives plus victory rush and second wind is not that bad at all for pvp .

Arms warrior in BG is a very good feeling to play , spreading bleeds and using bladestorm , very nice.

I hate fury

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Just kill them before your hp reach zero and you will be fine.

Players in battlegrounds are in general not that great players so if you play a lot you will learn how to kill most of them.

Warrior is a very easy and straight forward class with no mambo jambo, it’s just charge and kill.

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In world PvP warrior is a fair class, key word is fair. If you have the advantage in gear or skill, you will usualy be able to win. Lacking either of those two and you will start to struggle and fast.

Basically, warrior more or less needs support to get the full power out of it. Something a hunter, mage or rogue simply does themselves. Pair a warrior up with a healer and it is a lot stronger than the sum of its parts.

So in duels against equal skill, against most duellist classes, you will have lower than 50% chance to win. Against certain specs, that can play warriors weaknesses against yourself, you have less than 1% chance to win. Now, at lower levels, you will win more - yet as the ones you duel understand the mechanics better you will soon find yourself rooted and bled to death, being unable to stop it.

World PvP is often short and bloody fights. If you engage, you will most of the time come out ahead. Now, if a rogue engages on you - you already lost. Best case scenario, you can scare it off. Warlocks will be your chosen prey - and they will complain a lot about in the forums. Paladins will be cookies to crack and ferals will leave you dooming. Now, as world PvP often is 3v1 or 1v3, a warrior got plenty of way to keep rolling if you are winning. Most world PvPers will scatter when you land, to try to escape, then you charge in and they decide to fight. When their healer/support dies, they again try to get away. Looping you into feeling like the fox in the henhouse. Feeling that victory rush!

BGs, we are a whole different beast all together. Remember when I mentioned unsupported? Yeah, once you got a healer and support, you will tear people to pieces and they will already have that forum-tab on alt-tab for when you turn their screens grey. Rogue, ferals, mages… don’t matter. With a healer at your back, there is no class or spec that is better than warrior. What small advantages they had, stripped away as their flesh soon the be from their soul.

May Elune guide you :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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Thanks everyone for the replies. :slightly_smiling_face: And thanks Funkykittie for the in-dept explanation and for taking all the time to respond in such detail.

What I’m gathering is that Warrior can easily be used without a pocket healer in most situations, as long as you don’t go up against specific classes like rogue or feral, if the enemy player knows what they are doing.

I have never been much of a person to pick classes that required a lot of work or gear, in order to perform well… I much rather prefer classes that has utility, where you can control a fight, or easily stay alive through healing spells or utility. For example Druid where you can Cyclone someone, and reset the fight.

The problem I have with a class like Druid though, is that I love how 2h swords look on my character. :joy:

Hmmm maybe I might give my Evoker a shot, since it has plenty of healing and tmog farming possibilities…

Either way, I am grateful to the in-depth explanation of warrior, since I have FOR YEARS wondered “how well it does in PvP”. :slightly_smiling_face: Since finding any info about “warrior solo PvP” on Google is very divided amongst the comments. Some say it’s unplayable, and others say it’s god tier with BiS… But they all sound extremely biased, where as your answers seem objective. :slightly_smiling_face: so thanks!

The first thing you need understand is that there aren’t any ‘bad’ random bg classes/specs. They all do just fine. Some of them are absurdly strong (Ret, MM, Boomkin) and most of the rest are good, or fine.

As with any BG, if you join up and the enemy team has 7 MM hunters, you’re just gonna lose. If you join up and you have healers with 300k hp and they have gearcapped healers with 850k hp, you’re just gonna lose.

Warrior’s strength (as arms) comes in the form of it being really annoying for wizards and healers to deal with. You are hard to CC because of double bladestorm and you have shockwave for aoe stun, intim for aoe fear and a kick and stormbolt on top of that. Doing this disruption on top of their wizard/healer clump will allow your wizards to mow them down for free. Your job is primarily to make their lives hell so that your team can win behind you.

Fury’s strength is really high burst aoe, but i would say in general stick to arms. Its just more consistent.

The primary thing that will determine you winning or losing, besides being a slimey premader, is being very geared and doing objectives. If you can do this while also queueing with a healer, you will have a very high (70%+) winrate.

I would say, since you’re on a druid, try out boomkin. Boomkin is disgusting in BGs, and is probably the second best random BG spec behind MM hunter. Personally I enjoy arms. you need to accept that there are some situations you just cannot win though, so you don’t rage IRL (like facing 7 wizards with 3 geared healers and your whole team is wearing tesco carrier bags for gear)

Warrior performs well in BGs & Wpvp but you need gear ( a full 450 pvp set) otherwise your pressure won’t be enough & you’ll not be able to kill people.

We have a pretty good self-healing & damage reductions if you know how to use the class, that come usually from experience. But it require to know your class & all others pretty well (what to reflect, what damages/CDs to mitigate, rotate your stun to avoid DRs etc…)

We are bad in Duel, let’s be honest this area is not really our cup of tea.

So reading what you said, it’s definitely not for you. Once we are geared, it’s a joy to play, before that you increase the difficulty by quite the number.

If you like big 2 Hands Swords & want good sustain healing, I think Retribution should be your target. Since the redesign they are really nice to play & it will fit your requirements.

In BGs, everybody does well when you are geared & a bit knowledgeable of what the others can do, there is no best class there since it’s every time a x versus x numbers. The difference come from your gear (again) & your ability to disrupt the enemy team.

I’ll be the only honest one here.

If we were to rank them, they’re probably right at the bottom UNLESS you have a healer tied to your back, it’s always been that way for warriors.

arms warrior is one of the better specs in wpvp right now because versatility is so high and fueled by violence double dips into it. its easily possible to stand in groups of 10+ players all aoeing and survive.

in 1v1/duels arms warriors will beat most specs besides ret unless they’re above average at their spec (1700+) which most people aren’t it is easily possible to just walk on top of most specs in the game 1v1 and chain bladestorms and stuns and win.

in bgs arms warriors have less survivability than in wpvp due to less vers, but we retain the 1v1 strengths of duels and the second we get into a team fight our aoe pressure makes warriors an extremely strong spec if you take the time to learn it even slightly.

arms warrior is one of the better carry specs for bgs.

fury is a different story. fury is basically only good with healers or in 1v1, and even then arms is probably better anyway.

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