Warrior PvP, how to cope?

My Warrior dudes.

How do you cope in PvP? I find it incredibly frustrating on my Warrior, as I’m mostly sitting in tons of endless CC/Roots. How do you cope with this? Pls help before I explode.

Stay cool, my dudes.

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I put on some chillstep and go Fury. I ignore everything and anything. Don’t look at chat. I don’t interact with anything. I simply go into the zone and zugzug.

Go TT and OF build, Bind Roar to Avatar - then release the full opener in their faces. Then you just chill as you rampage across the rest of the match.

No thoughts, only zugzug.

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Same. I only play Arms. They’re a lot more viable in PvP.

In soloshuffle arms and Fury is divided into two brackets. So when you just want to chill and zugzug, you lose nothing doing so.

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Wouldn’t be as bad, if other classes didn’t have so much constant CC, or if warriors CC at least was at the same level of annoying as theirs. In 2v2 I can’t win against two evokers because they can just ignore my slows and fly away. Maybe if warrior had 30% extra movement speed, it’d be better. Or maybe if Evokers, druids, shamans, et cetera couldn’t remove slows for free.

“You say we need the same level of crowdcontrol like other classes. Come on man, let them start first and explain how arms warrior gains rage - but never enrage. It is like when we gain rage we take pills to calm down our blood-pressure. Let them have a look at this “enrage problem” and fix crowdcontrol afterwards. It does seem very hard to look at this as a crowdcontrol problem.”

Close enough? :dracthyr_a1:

I´ve been playing my warrior ( fury ) alot lately and i think its awesome, i really dont struggle with sticking to a target at all, also passively tanky as heck with absurd self healing. In arena you´re reliant on dispels from your healer of course but i sometimes run bloodrage PvP talent if i know im gonna get snare n root spammed.

In world PvP or duels i would be tempted to rate fury warrior as THE best duelist in the entire game with very few weaknesses and so much frontloaded damage that can be dumped into one global that it becomes almost comedic at times, especially since its mostly aoe.

I played fury in S1 aswell all up intill the retopocalypse where i simply stopped queing any form of PvP all together but the only weakness i experienced with fury overall was being unable to stack my MS due to others often having a weaker 20% MS that simply prevented me from even stacking mine.

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Change your mindset. Arms is about pumping inside colossus smash + sharpen blade windows. If you are eating CCs outside of that window, that just means one less CC when colossus smash + sharpen are ready to go. I have won games getting kited the entire round by a frost mage only to roll up on him and 2 tap him with an execute crit into fatal mark explosion for like 250k total damage.

There is some stuff that you can’t sit on all day and thats okay, because those are the specs (hunter, mage, evoker) that when you do eventually connect even for 3-5 seconds, you will crunch them and force a lot of CDs.

A lot of the time it will feel like you’re doing absolutely nothing, but if the enemy team is spending tons of CC + mobility just to escape you, that usually means your other DPS is free to endlessly pump them, so when you do eventually connect you can finish off kills easily. Last night I did a shuffle where I was kited by a survival hunter spam rooting me, while a demo lock used all 3 stuns + coil + amplify exhausation curse on me, plus gate, port and a MW monk ring of peacing me. I did like 700k dmg the entire round and won anyway, because my aff lock was free to triple dot the whole team, all he needed me to do was land a stormbolt + sharpen and we won.

If you weren’t a threat they wouldn’t CC you so much.

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Most casters finds warrior absolutely insufferable n worse to play against than even DK. It was my personal experience aswell when i decided to torture myself giving caster a shot in season 1, needless to say im never going to ever play a caster inside arena ever again. You couldnt pay me to do it.

Since dk is crap atm im fully commited to my fury warrior this season, picked it up in S1 to not be a rerolling hypocrite by going arms since im against fotm rerolling, fury felt great in S1 and in S2 its far, far better. The sheer frustration casters will experience having a 98% uptime fury on them truly brings happiness. I came to the conclusion that having fun in arena isnt all that important, its all about making sure whoever you´re playing against has less fun!

Seems to very much depend on the caster. Most mages, Evokers, and warlock seem to not really give a damn about warriors, as they can simply slow and then outrun them, while warriors can only charge or bladestorm to close the distance. And the moment you’re out of leap and charge, you’re basically just walking at 50% speed until charge is available again. Might be different for fury, but with arms, I can’t do much if Im against a team that just ignores all slows, such as evokers, most druids, mages, et cetera. If we had the freedom spell like Paladins, it’d be easier, but otherwise you’re just a sitting duck eating everything the evoker or mage tosses your way.

I usually play bloodrage in those matchups n dont have all that many issues with it. Arms has two bladestorms to stop incoming cc with n warrior has slows too. Mage can be annoying although unless its a straight up 1v1 against a frostmage i dont tend to find it all that horrible in an arena setting, sure ill have some downtime but fury has such absurd frontloaded damage that if you touch him once you´ll make a necklace out of his arms.

You can apply the same logic to the laser gekkos essentially, if you´re solo melee into a caster lobby its annoying but same applies when its the other way around. We just sometimes gotta take the finger off the W button. Against the purpleman the W still works great though n theres really nothing they can do to stop it unless their best freind is a frost mage.

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