Warrior shockwave interrupt

As it stands warriors, prot in particular doesn’t have that much in utility kit for mythic plus.
So how about adding interrupt-silenc to the shockwave so you can use it on cc immune targets in mythic+ runs.
It gets pretty hard in some keys with the npc spell spams .

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Well, if we want to add more utility unto shockwave, the only solution I can see is adding more power to the node (making the DPS cost of taking it steeper).

You could grant aftershock the effect of a knockdown every 0.5sec for 2 sec or something like that, reduce the damage gained.

Now, we do have an AoE interrupt option. Giving us more, in addition to what we got, will likely only put us closer to DH levels of power. That is not something I think is good for the game.

Do remember - in keys you are not alone, there are 4 more people, all with their unique CC and tools to help you out.

Making it a teamgame, less solo, is actually good design if you ask me. You don’t want everyone to bash on you as the tank, for not interrupting the world - while doing all your other tasks on top.

Now, if you want that, well, then there are classes other than warrior designed to do just that. Swapping class - that too is a very neat solution to the problem at hand.

I guess the bliz team that reworked DH didn’t get the memo :smiley:

When you see that every high level website confirm that stacking DH & Evo is not an issue, it seems this philosophy is outdated.


Isn’t that what interrupting shout is? If it’s bad you can ask to buff it but let’s not turn Shockwave into something it’s not and probably shouldn’t be.

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