Warriors and deep wounds

I boosted a warrior as I was fed up with dks PlayStation despite me loving the class.

I can’t get over how much better the kit is and how melee actually feels like melee.

I know dk is sort of magic and melee but nothing feels as meaty and impactful as warriors abilities.

Deep wounds actually feels like a better dot than our diseases.

Why do a few classes in this game feel like they are designed in a different game while others feel ten years out of date:


you just explained why in the very question, there are no specific class devs, that has been the case for many years now, there is no Dk class design dev… there is no mage dev…well there is, the person that does all classes is a dev for -some- classes. those they deem their favorites, the rest rots.

literal 6+ years of complete asinine stupidity in design would be avoided if they could HIRE ONE person to dev the class they love. absolute R word imbeciles in charge in california


I also have a Warrior alt, so much damage with so few buttons to press everything feels smooth and logical. To bad i fell in love with Death Knight :smile: , but hopefully blizzard will do some work on DK soon.

did you know that warriors with the right spec can have three dots that do more damage AND heal them for MUCH more than our blood plague ever will in blood spec?

very fun to know

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