Warriors cant leap when the cd is up

fix ur game lmao when my heroic leap is off cooldown i cant use it for the next 15 seconds, the tooltip doesnt show the real cd, and its been like this since the pre patch

Weird, doesn’t happen to me I think. Are you sure it’s not an addon that’s causing issues?

nope this bug is there since the prepatch i can confim but it only happens in wpvp outdoor pvp duels not in instance PVP like Bgs or arenas

happens to blink too

im assuming its a warmode thing, the cd in warmode on and off is different when pvp flagged, so it looks like its off cd, but you press it and nothing happens

been happning since legion, but for a long time it looked fixed, im assuming its broken again, because they buffed blink cdr (flow of time) but in pvp its unchanged, so the cd looks messed up.

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