Warsong AFK Premade - relaxing reputation farming


i am looking for people who want to become exhalted in Warsong but lack motivation to play an endless grind and are not really made for real premade partys. Here is the plan:

  • Joining as 10 man Team and just wait till Horde won Warsong. Best scenario is to become quickly a ghost and leave the graveyard so Horde will not get distracted killing you and make the BG longer than it has to take.

Each Game should last 6-10 Minutes thats gives us a Warsong medal. 3 Medals bring 55 Reputation by turning it in. During the BG do whatever you like. Watch Netflix, read a book, play with your childs and so on. It is all about the afk reputation grind.

I try to make this group so I do not bother other alliance players who really want to PvP in Warsong and love to play Warsong as it was designed by Blizzard. This premade is more for the people who have actually better stuff to do and only got time to press every few minutes the jump key.

If you are interessted then write me an ingame mail. I will add you and as soon as I got enough people to do it I will start the premade.

Best regards


HF AFKing 2291 tokens aka 229 hours in wsg to get exsalted (asuming you lose in 6 min.)

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