Was EU employees affected by the layoffs?

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Title, any EU employees affected by these layoffs? So far i’ve only read about US CM’s and IT workers.

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I believe the answer is “some” but given a paragraph in J. Allen Brack’s statement there may be more to come yet.

As a result, we will be reducing the number of non-development positions in North America and anticipate a related process in our regional offices over the coming months subject to local requirements.


I think some might get hit in France but Ireland already has had theres i really hope nobody else has to go apart from 1 person but thats my own personal view the wrong CM went in my eyes.

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On the legal side of things, most US employees can have their employment terminated effective immediately. That’s a different matter in most EU countries. Layoffs due to budget cutbacks / market and that sort of thing has to legally be given notice about months ahead of time.

Not saying EU will be unaffected because of this, but it is a much longer process.

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@Galander: nods slowly As far as I know, France happens to have particularly strong protections, stronger than most other countries. So your note on a much longer process is very much correct. It most likely will take at least a month from the moment of notice even for those who have worked for fairly short time… Those who have been around longer will likely get two, three months worth of notice, in some cases possibly even longer.

Losing one’s job is a really sad thing, but unlike many US employees, most EU ones will have a bit of time to try to adjust to changing circumstances.

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Just maybe an idea MVP players should give up their status in support of the people which are losing their jobs may send a message .

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You really think a corporate **** like Brack cares any more about MVPs than anyone else?

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You missed the point MVP people seem to be bridging the cap , remove that tier and see where it goes, it was just an idea. Brack may be looking out for his job as well, the CEO did mention management changes where certain games have not performed. Correct me if I am wrong but his Blizzard Division has preformed badly since his watch started. It may be a short one but it has performed badly and he has come across as a liability.

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I’m not missing the point, I get where you are coming from. My point is they don’t care about existing users. They are “looking forward to new markets”, which is prspeak for “gonna develop for mobile phones from now on”.

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Agreed but the mobile idea may come to late for them and they seem to have distanced themselves away from that market come next year, they have taken steps to have a fall back position.

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dont think many will get fired at the EU after 100+ people accepted the 1 year worth of salary for voluntarily leaving

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@Mortheria: I will let the other greens speak their minds (if they wish), but I do not feel like a bridge, more like a first aid kit at times. :smiley:

There are (relatively speaking) really few of us… I think all the English fora have a total of about 14? and I actually see about 7 in addition to myself (, because I do not cover all fora).

Also, as far as I could tell from the time I spent trying to help Takralus (a former Blue, for those who have not been around long), the Blues have a fairly large repertoire of functions and excluding the handful who work directly in customer and technical support, spend large portions of their work days away from the fora.

The green text is… a minor perk, at best. Punyelf, Shammoz, Nyshae, Ananda, myself and the other MVPs would continue to try to help others, even if it went away. Having seen some of the posts directed at Punyelf lately, I would even say it is a bit of a curse at times.

This is just my personal view, but if we were to “quit”, we would just be replaced… or in the worst case, the entire MVP program might get terminated, which might even mean an additional loss of a few more Blues across the EU (as English is not the only MVP language).

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Meh, as much as I’m concerned, they can fire them all. The forums would be a lot better without censorship.


Ofc they wouldnt it would turn into more of a cesspit without them especially with the topics you come out with :slight_smile:

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Me? What’s wrong with this topic?


i didnt reply to you i replied to the shammy :slight_smile:

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also have to rember that layoffs in some EU countries, can be deemed illegal, or whitout real reason, and the employees might get 6 months of wager even after the lay off.

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Oh alright :slight_smile:

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I agree, can’t really add to that. A very good post.

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