Wastewander humans

I really like them. I mean they’ve come a long long way from Classic.

Classic-Wrath: the Wastewanders arrived in Tanaris roughly around Warcraft 3, meaning if they had any children born in Tanaris around that time, they would be between 17-20 today.

They lived in the water spring field, using the goblin’s water system to steal fresh water in order to survive. During the Cataclysm the area flooded and they moved north to Eastmoon ruins in Tanaris, while some others moved to Uldum’s oasis.

In BFA, they appeared to have taken the Obelisk of the Moon as their home, along with some of the Oasis places in Uldum. and the leader admits that the Wastewanderers changed their ways. Meaning they are no longer hostile.

Some of the NPC’s have unique dialogue compared to the other human nations:

“Uldum is our Home now”
“Survival is never easy”
“Welcome traveler”

I really want to see more of them, and hopefully they don’t all get killed off or something, like some of the other races we’ve seen, rather they will turn parts of Uldum (mainly the oasis, and Moon area) into a beautiful established place with markets, etc, maybe some children NPC running around. That would be a dream come true.

My main Human on Argent Dawn is part of these people. I even got the armor and everything, which was a 30 minute grind almost.


cheers :clinking_glasses:

in terms of the city, it could look like a smaller version of this

So… a group of humans decided to travel to another continent.
The best place to live that people who had never seen a sand desert in their homelands could find on Kalimdor was, of course, a sand desert.
And they decided to become… bandits there, attacking goblin supply lines.
They did that and survived for something like 10 years, even though the goblins weren’t exactly taking that lying down.
At some point they decided that they actually didn’t need to be bandits to survive in the desert after all, and their many troops were relevant in fighting off N’zoth.

And you’re asking for this vibrant population and their bountiful offspring to be represented more in the lore?

Sure, makes as much sense as anything else in WoW concerning populations, I guess…

Or we could just get a new desert zone at some point, that has actually been populated by humans for more than 20 years… But why bother, I guess…

we dont know how they got there. could be a crash. and dont forget it was the time of the scourge.

and humans have been visiting Gadgetzan since warcraft 2, according to recent lore.

survival is never easy. you gotta be cunning like the Vulpera.

not everything have to be disney princesses and goodie goodie

yes. Im Arab and these are the only humans in wow with Arab/Persian names. they are not perfect by any means, but its all we got.

not sure what your problem is with them.

dont need to be negetive. everyone has their favorite races and clans and tribes in wow.

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