Watch out for ninjas. Krimianal in this case

Beware of Krimianal. A random Mage on Golemagg.

After running BRD as an AOE Group he decides to need a epic 2H weapon as a mage.

He then admits that its not fair and that we should reroll. He also states that he will roll last. After we reroll(i roll 89 - highest roll in grp) he simply ignores the group chat and moves on. As i whisper him to ask him what happened about that reroll he tells me “i rolled 94 by blizzard” referring to his initial ninja need roll on the item. I try explain to him that thats not how a reroll works shortly before he calls me a kiddo and ignores me. I know ninjaing is not bannable but i feel like at least a small part of the community should know so they can avoid such players.

Plus im really butthurt he ninjaed me out of an epic 2h wich would have been gamechanging for my warrior alt and writing this text is helping me calm down. :))

So yeah. Take care everyone and screw you Krimianal once again.

Feel free to whisper him and call him a ninja on my behalf since i dont have this possibility anymore.
Spread the word.

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