Watch out for this type of scam

I’ve been aware, thanks to Blizzard, not to fall for these scams for 11 odd years.
They literally have the warnings spelled out on the front loading screen, and they promote the use of authenticator tech and not to give your password etc etc.

So your overly aggressive post was wholly unnecessary. Shining a light on it = good, but saying that Blizzard doesn’t do just that to protect us, is a blatant lie.


It’s just the way he’s saying it, as though Blizzard don’t do anything to protect their players against things like this.


That is a very good point, I will admit I didn’t even see that until I read your reply and went back to it :slight_smile:


Seriously… look at that /whisper…

[W From] [Biizzard]: [Blizzard Entertainment] GM: Our security system detected that you have recently conducted illegal transactions. Please visit: [] We require verification that you are the primary account holder, otherwise we will suspend your account.

Biizzard ?
Double sender (“Biizard” and “GM”) ?
No GM logo ?
The link doesn’t point on any Blizzard owned domain ?

Seriously, that scam is so badly constructed that one must really not be the smartest of his pack to fall for it…

And they haven’t seen “Biizzard” either ?
I understand people doing this rely on the panic of unsuspecting… let’s say “younger people” to be nice… but come on.

If people didn’t fall for this scam, scammers would not do it. The same goes for the Microsoft phone scam. Until people stop falling for it, scams like this will endure. And as long that is and long happens I find this thread very relevant for some players.

I mean, people still send money to the Nigerian prince, of course some will fall for this. They pay for a product and value its safety.

“Watch out for this type of scam”, I was prepared to read “World of Warcraft lol”.

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Hopefully you have a really good warcraft character, because in real life you wouldn’t be very popular


People do fall for it.

You should see this kind of fake GM messages translated into Russian, scammers don’t really bother employing human translator, they use machine translation, it comes out hilarious and so obviously fake, and yet still people fall for it. Don’t underestimate people gullibility.

That’s not stupidly, that’s cruelty

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It’s extremely easy to get those people as a GM open a new chat tab in your window + the Blizzard logo. But it make me wonder that these are rampant (at least to me) and yet they can’t work it over.

I only reply to such whispers if they are from Nigerian princes.

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No, else i would have said cruelty.

Those are a whole kind of different waste of energy.

But what if your IP is corrupted and hackers are stealing your data? Those microsoft employees with indian accents just want to help you stay safe man.

My acc just keeps losing gold even tho i take their advicce and go on the website tosecure my accont as they say rly dunno whats going on been on the website 11 times already

Maybe you should be better at shutting down these scammers ?

What a bum you are, go get a social life

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Scammers use a scattergun approach in the hope they will get a bite even just from a minority, usually from those considered to be vulnerable. Far better to make people aware of it in case some genuinely do not know than to keep quiet about it.

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