Watch the MDI & AWC Shadowlands Global Finals and earn the Fearless Spectator title!

Watch the MDI & AWC Shadowlands Global Finals and earn the Fearless Spectator title!

Watch the MDI & AWC Shadowlands Global Finals and earn the Fearless Spectator title!

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I’m sure all 12 spectators will be thrilled…


Nah ty LOL

Imagine coming up with such a sheet show of a tournament for years that you now have to reward people for viewing it. You cant make this up

Is this troll actually?! It would be s tier for sure

Fix your game


I remember in legion the pvp tournaments had 50-60k viewers. Now they destroyed the game so badly they cannot even get 10k

I can at least somewhat understand AWC, but MDI is so inherently boring. Just watching 2 teams rush through a +20 and whoever does it faster with less deaths is the winner.

you are tuning classes around 1% playerbase why should I be interested in mdi and this title as a casual player?

Its time for an tournament realm with different balance philosophies ffs

I wish you would put that effort in D3 and not in a game where the majority wants completely different content.
Not gonna watch it.

i dont want to use google and make account for titles…or amazon or facebook or twitter. STOP THIS BLIZZARD OMG

Pretty sure the 10 viewers are excited to see all the teams being:

  • DK tank
  • 1-2 destro lock
  • survival hunter
  • maybe a mage or rogue
  • resto shaman/holy priest

So much diversity, such wow

Now I can finally get rewarded for leaving the stream on while doing more intresting stuff…
BDK/HPriest/SV+Destro+WW vs BDK/HPriest/SV+Destro+WW in MDI…

This is gonna be so exciting!

Fix ur flipping game, so ppl can actually be intrested in watching it!


No one cares

I have watched both in the past. Believe it or not, it can be quite enjoyable to watch.

But there is noway, I’m going to be linking my Youtube account with my Blizzard one.

I did it for OWL tokens :rofl:

What are OWL tokens?

Overwatch League (their “e-sport”).
Could buy free skins and stuff from them.

Oh that sounds a lot more useful than a pointless title which just says “Hey I watched something and didn’t compete” xD

Maybe a pet or mount it might be worth doing.

If the view count is low enough for you to try and lure people with a stupid title don’t you think it’s time to give this crap up or at the very least do something to make it even remotely exciting to watch?

Try looking at the draft options moba games have and try implementing them here. Give both teams the option to ban a certain class or make it completely random for both of them. Make the bosses, trash or affixes random. Something to make it less borinig than watching paint dry :no_mouth:

The 4-way split screen is too tiny as well, it sucks.

Who’d even use this title anyway?


And we don’t even get a TGP this season?
At least it was fun to watch.

I guess with this class balance, where a warlock does as much constant AOE damage as other classes during 2-3 minute CD windows, it is just sad.

It’s not fun when everyone does the same thing.
Every team is gonna be DK tank + Sham/Priest heal + Destru + Survi + Windwalker. And even the DK tank does more consistent damage than some lower end specs…

Also who is not tired of MDI lasting multiple weekends?

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