Waycrest manor camera issues

Revamp this dungeon, its unplayeble for ranged. The biggest affix is that you dont see your screen and the nameplates so you cant interrupt anything. Its disgusting and unplayble.

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This. And whenever I get the alert for frontal etc., all I can do is pray that it’s not in my direction…


It is unplayable for mele dps too!

Dude, Blizzard got it right, but there are so much going on, mechanics and especially the visual that I can’t see what to avoid and what to go into, and where it is safe to stay still.

It’s a problem in general regardless of whether you are ranged or melee IMO.

Also the weird pulling mobs through walls/floors/ceilings because the dungeon can’t cope with modern WoW abilties.

In Waycrest we try to pull as much into the bigger area’s like the courtyard where the tree-boss is. Helps a lot :slight_smile:


You need to fully zoom in and play it like Call of Duty.

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Now this guy Mythics!

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