Waylaid Supplies stealth fix

Oh I exploited too don’t worry

Dude Im farming and farming them, was using the method too and I still only got to friendly and cant drop them anymore. I feel like they nerfed droprate too. Opened few chests yday without luck :frowning:

Who cares to be honest? There is enough down time for when you hit max level and are not raiding, to farm these to your hearts content.

I didn’t even farm these, just if I pick one on my way, keep it until I get to the city. Currently I am half way to honored. It’s completely random and and I see why they changed rune rewards for it, so people can get the runes on alts, but reaching honored is not that hard and it’s not something (at least think so) that we should reach after 2-3 days after launch.

Anyone who did this knew it was not intended to be done like this.

Its an exploit. An oversight. Anyone who did it should have progress reverted but that would be quite a mess.

I think exploits and the consequences need to happen much faster.

Could’ve just made the box non-unique.
If you went through all that adventure and looted those boxes, its fair to use them for your turn-ins.
But no, you quest and do your levelling journey and destroy 4-5 before returning to the city in 2 levels to train your skills.

So much waste, for what?

I’m level 19 on my hunter and 1200/3000 neutral, the rewards for friendly are level 12.

Could i have focused on getting friendly at level 12? Maybe if i spent 1-2 hours farming the chests and turning in every supply, then I would be able to buy an item 3-4x the AH price of an equivalent green? :Z