Waylaid Supplies stealth fix

So after deleting 10’s of boxes like most other people to then item restore them in future; Blizzard decided to make it not possible anymore.

So all the degenerates that are exalted with every faction get away with doing it within the first 48 hours of release leaving us poor souls to find a box, run back to town, create/buy said mats for the box, hand in the box, then go hunt for a new box then repeat the long and BORING process.

  1. You could have given us a weeks notice to get caught up exploiting the system like so many already have
  2. You could have made them non-unique and given them back to us from item restore in the mail.

You’ve gone WAY over the top with this for the casual player. I feel like putting the game on the shelf now.



I had to start late due to other commitments and was instructed that the best way to gather rep was to delete and restore the chests and that’s what everyone else had done…

Suddenly, every box that was saved up (using a method used by other players) has gone, and a grind that is already relatively frustrating (given the random nature of the boxes and their requirements) is 1000% worse as you have to return to a city every single time you find one.

Can we at least remove the unique status and let us hoard them ourselves? At this point, a large part of the playerbase has already used this method to do this and now it’s just an unpleasant feature of the game (especially on classes with no innate movement bonus).


Also wasted the last couple hours scouting for chests. Now its all in the trash (literally). Locking runes behind a rep grind and buying them for gold is such a DISCOVERY hey. Whoever was responisble for that rep grind should be forced to do in the entire day.


" Exploit early and exploit often " is the adage in WoW. If you see people exploiting a mechanic, do it. They’re not gonna ban all these people.


One could take this as a hint that players obviously don’t like the system.


But that is the case isnt it ? U can have multiple of those

No, only filled ones. And of what use is that. You can’t possible carry around every single item in mass for that bracket.

You can have multiple COMPLETED ones in bag :confused:

Yea had to re read notes, shame they made it that way

But it was always like that, same is hapening with ashnevale , first 3 days it was few mins zerg for free rep now they are fixing it while people are honored with no work

Players will always min max given the opportunity

At this point I suggest them to admit special beta status of SoD and revert all reputation gained via crates. Item restoration abusing is cheating and at least people should had lost reputation gained this way. Also they should add tag “not restorable” to such items.

So AV PvE race abuse is indication that players do not like PvP, but love PvP rewards, so those should be given free or what?

Who could have known that deleting a unique item in order to abuse a recovery system wouldnt be the intended way of farming this rep!
People on here getting dumber by the second, making threads about how their exploit stopped working… :clown_face:

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That’s not the problem lmao, it’s that Blizzard allowed the first wave of exploiters to do it and when the rest of players found out and did it too stopped it.

So the 20% that exploited first have a huge advantage now.

" Exploit early and exploit often " remains the mantra of WoW.

Took me 4 hours from Neutral (0) to Honored yesterday - without exploits. Where’s the huge advantage, the one rune you might need or a 12 slot bag?

Well it took those people 0 hours by using the item restore exploit so assuming you work minimum wage you got robbed of 40$.

Nobody is forcing me to play this game, I do it to fill my leasure time. I rather have something to do 4 hours than complain about not having anything to do in 1 week while jumping around in a city or being AFK.

Its like I should walk around angry at the law and state because some people get away with abusing systems while I didnt have time to or wanted. Make no sence. It was clear to anybody with half a brain that it was a exploit, Im not playing this game to skip content as fast as possible while paying a monthly fee for it.


Bla bla bla. The people who exploited got rewarded. That’s not OK. That’s the main point.

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Live with it and stop complaing, Im guessing you’re an adult.
Somebody in a game got a rune/bag faster than you because they were faster to cheat the system (something alot of people knew about but didnt act on), next time stay alert if you feel like exploiting is a way for you to play the game.

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You’re crying because Blizzard fixed an exploit?