We miss borrowed power

I hope you are trolling. Because borrowed power is a hated system which I hope never returns.

I never want to see an AP grind ever again.

Burn out was horrendous.



Well i don’t remember agreeing with you on that, so no.


for the next expansion you will be grinding ap power for the Legendary artifact boots of Azeroth :wink: they don’t give you any powers but they look cooler at etc milestone :stuck_out_tongue: they give you the Exclusive “Adventurer” title that people crave but they can only gain power in open world continent if i was a blizz dev i’d make this just to troll the community

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These boots are made fer walking… And that’s just what they’re gonna do… One of these days these boots are gonna make you do the same thing again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again (continues for two years)

Definitely not.

Can’t say that I do.

We already got enough “borrowed” power in gear; tier and gear-effects.

I kinda enjoy knowing what to expect from my class, not to base my performance on outside factors.

Now - would I enjoy corruption to return for the last season, the Fated one, just for fun factor? For sure. Last season they should feel free to go bannanas and just focus on cool and/or fun stuff :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Pump the breaks kid.

Borrowed power can be fun. But it can also tedious and a chore.

Corruptions at the end of BFA were some of the most fun I have ever had playing this game. BUT only when I could buy the ones I wanted. It was awful when I didn’t have the good ones and was getting blown out the water by people that got lucky that had them.

Artifact weapons where cool and had fun ability’s to use but the grind to power them up was awful, even worse if you played alt specs or alt characters.

Borrowed power if don’t right can be awesome fun. If done wrong (which is more often the case) it ruins a tier or even expansion.

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:dracthyr_no1: :dracthyr_no2:

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Hrmm no, not everyone. I don’t miss it. Never liked it.

I 100p do not miss borrowed power. I enjoy being able to spend my time outside of the game and still be relevant.

I’m not sure why this thread got past the first 2 comments.

Although here I am feeding the troll myself…

No we don’t. We miss Cata & MoP gameplay and communities. They are gone and will never come back. Discord doesn’t solve the issue either.

Nice one,funny how people still feeds the troll.

I enjoyed Legion and BFA grind :smiley:
but i like this more because i can play different games now and i can do what i want in wow there is no need for WQ swoops or weekly island expeditions or any of that
i can just log in and play m+ log in on wednesday and play raid without doing any idiotic GRIND : D

Er… no we are not.

That’s like calling tier borrowed power. I got news for you it aint

Literally. If you do any kind of endgame content you need to grind it

Agree to disagree the worst burnout I’ve felt was about halfway through season 2 of df till I swapped to evoker