We miss borrowed power

Keep pushing champions!


It feels good not to grind for a single item.



/10 char


No, we do not.

There is a way to do burrowed power - specifically it can be used to create a “levelling progression” for open world content at max level, being a stand-in for XP.

But the way it was handled in Legion, where all the mobs scale anyway so it doesn’t matter, or BfA where the best way was to farm the same couple islands for weeks without stopping and they scale to your level, is certainly not the right way to do it. I do not miss it in the slightest.


Absolutely not.


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Do we though? I think i prefer the current talent system. By a long shot.


Don’t speak on behalf of entire community. Borrowed power was one of the biggest mistakes in WoW’s history.

Abandoning this hot garbage was the best decision from Blizzard in years. Personally, I absolutely love when endgame kicks in without any further grind post-lvlcap, so you can just jump in any content you want. And I really didn’t love when cloak, ring, capped artifact, neck with loads of grindable stuff or conduits locked behind activities were almost obligatory to simply be competitive in anything above M0 or LFR.

Good riddance, and never come back in any form please.


This is an obvious troll and you people are falling for it.


Ah, this old meme. I missed it.

Not sure how I feel about borrowed power, really. I never made grinding it a thing, I was happy to accumulate power as I did other stuff and barely pay attention. I thought Legion would have essentially been a good ending for WoW if it was just an RPG. Leader of our class halls, THE artefact weapons, defeating the Legion… everything after has been a bit like we could have started again and been nobody.

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As result of self-brainwashing people keep pretending that with removal of AP and TF drop rates have not been nerfed to the ground which essentially replaced one ‘grind’ with another.

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Oh, we don’t miss it. Cool that we don’t have it.
Oh hey, new season started. What do you mean my bis healer trinket got nerfed to the ground and it’s completely useless now? And what do you mean you don’t want to invite me to +20 key this season? I farmed +25 last season! What, grind items again? But… but… we don’t have… borrowed power…


Nah df is better without but if they come for tier sets again claiming theyre borrowed power bring it on

they can implement it without making it a ‘‘chore’’

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Some kind of borrowed power would be nice, but gated for like weekly, with catch up system.

We have borrowed power. Its called seasonal gearing. Next xpac, you will replace it with late green/blue quest items and the cycle repeats.

If you want infinite borrowed power grind then just find a Legion or BfA private server. People have spoken up about it and they didn’t want it.

borrowed power was a self imposed chore… not a real one

anyone whinging about how it was mandatory has only themselves to blame


This is still as false as the last 20 times someone posted it who’s never done competitive content in their life.

BORROWED POWER IS WHAT WAS KILLING THE GAME. It was one time charm in legion never again this bullcrap needs to see the light of world.

I’m not. Being stuck with a crappy system for a whole expansion that involves your class is BS.