We need a fix for hunters REAL problem

Why is 99% of hunters class sets look ridiculous. Please. Please just one set, just make ONE set.

The set we are susposedly grtting from trading post looks like the revamped legion set for druids from T6! With the bird headpiece and more.

I dont get why. But its almost like uve made looking terrible apart of the class fantasy. We have a set with moving eyes in it?. What even part of hunter is that susposed to capture.

Hunters are susposed to be expert marksmans / close kinship to animals.

Come on, give us a tier set where we arent ranked at the one of the bottom aesthetically. Saying that, if u even managed it for a tier, itd end up so overused it’d be considered bad anyway.

I think theres 2 tier sets that look half decent, and ones from TBC…

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Good day, I see you have recieved your patch-ly quota of skinning a random animal and wearing its head.

Good, good.

If we got a Neat Transmog with a Bear pelt over our head and Back, i’d be cool with it. but we dont get that we have weird sets which dont make alot of sense.


One more non symmetrical shoulderpads tansmog and I will scream


There is that short questline to unlock “Forsaken Elves” appearance (I think) that also comes with a hunter-only transmog set of a dark green ensemble (Dark Forester ? It’s “Forestier Sombre” in my French UI) that you can find somewhere in Oribos.

But I do agree that most of the transmogs irk me too, either we have huge pauldrons and enclosed helmets (how can our character see around them with those ?), asymetric shoulders that would get in the way of drawing arrows, a single quiver transmog not linked to Legion Wondrous Weapons that it a nightmare to get, and more.

I can mostly understand the reasoning between those “enclosed energy helmets” (as in, Shut Up It’s Magic), but for me the worst part is that the most fancy transmog have visual effect that actually cover or replace the visuals of our class’ procs and effects.

I’m more and more leaning towards a “neutral, non-themed, basic appearance, no helm, no cape” look for my hunter, even the Legion set I just unlocked and found a version of the Wondrous Bow that matches the colour scheme is a bit disapointing (furs I can understand, fully enclosed helmet and shoulder movement restricting pauldrons feels ridiculously stupid).

we need more sets like the mop cm set


The sun in our solar system will run out of fuel and explode long before we ever get a good looking mail transmog. Good luck with that.

We just need to unite alike shadow priests did and stack spamming eu and na forums full of demands for beyter hunter mogs.

I beleive in us

could use a set that was really a real hunter set.
Hunters use some of their loot for their clothing, so have tried and put together something that looks a bit similar.
But can’t really find the right one.
a real hunter doesn’t run around in flashy gear, but something similar to what he does (a bit ala Greenlandic seal catchers use their prey for their clothing, could think the same here :slight_smile:
but I don’t think it really worked out yet

It’s good that all the echochamber screeching has subsided and we can concentrate on important matters now.

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If we could get a proper bear pelt helm/back piece on todays graphics. With some mail over leather itd be awesome.

Sadly though class sets seem to just miss the mark.

I didnt mind out legions class hall set, and Df season 1 was oki

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