We Need PvP Vendors?


WoW was so good. A masterpiece. A sheduever. Look what the game turned into. RNG slot farming machine. And about the subscription , I have 1 month left ( bought 6 to save money ) and don’t think to resub.

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well apparently we are not getting pvp vendors even in next patch, u cn look up the interview

Community: “we want a good game”
Activision Blizzard: “You think you do but you don’t”

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And the reasoning is just great - “Because it’ll be an effective method for gear progression”. Wow, really?!

So player needs to put time and effort in PvP to get currency to purchase gear, instead of doing M+ and Raids, but still putting same amount of time and effort - and it leads to gear progression, and it is a reason not to make PvP vendors.

Yeah, makes a lot of sense. Not.


The RNG system is not rewarding at all, time and time again I am getting gear that a) I already have b) is a downgrade… Let us purchase our own choice of gear!

This was one of the USPs of WOW compared to other clone MMOs! It’s a crying shame design and management have decided to go with this unrewarding, loathsome grind fest!

I wouldn’t mind if 8/10 battlegrounds weren’t infested with Russians lagging the servers and completely ruining the experience for casual players!


Late in the game I decided to start playing my rogue, but due to his low iLevel, I really struggled to get groups for rated content, I managed to get 5/9 of the Dread Gladiator PVP set – but then the patch hit.

I assumed that it would be like ALL the previous expansions and that I would be able to get the old-season stuff with marks of honor or conquest point.

But sadly, that now seems not to be the case. I’m pretty gutted to be honest because I really like that mog and now it seems like I’m not going to be able to get it.

I got multiple duplicate pieces over and over and over.

It feel really unrewarding and I really wish that they didn’t remove this functionality from the game. Now it feels like I need to grind my butt off on all my characters and alts every season to make sure that I don’t lose out - and that’s a really subversive form of game design.

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I feel your pain, for me it pushed the rewards of random BGs to a point where theyre no longer rewarding enough to invest time into esp. with the current IoC and AV tactics being the most boring to execute that I’ve experienced. Why am I still getting Marks of honour if there’s no way to spend them?

I’m Just missing the shield here and for now am using the Warfront variant but I like the dread glad colouring better


Stop posting on this they dont care, it should be in the game if they did.


Vendors or riot and mass unsubscribe!!!


So dear Blizzard and Popcorneating chief programmer .-)
listen well now !
We Need our PVP Gear back i told u 1 year ago it is unakzeptable that we have to be pained with mythic raiders u dont get 1 mm Expirience in pvp and they destroy each game !
2. We pay for this Service mucho each month ! My Person Play that game since it cames out u now that well , sendet me the statue, so please dont reduce Server costs at the Player costs ! Because this Action was a Server reduce Thing nothing else! Give us our PvP Vendor Back and also our damned PVP Gear then perhaps u dont loose millions of Players ! Look at wow it slowly dies about this Bull*hit!
Listen to the Players especially we pay for this Service.
Danke Trisztessa

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