We need serious changes if we want casual PvP to survive - especially low level PvP

If B wants any chance for casual PvP to survive in this game, they gotta change a lot of things to match the current player base. Here I’m going to list some of my suggestions. Note that this is about casual PvP(especially low level PvP). I have also added some max level suggestions that I think are good.

  1. Mix Alliance and Horde players at all levels of casual bgs - from level 10 to max level(for each bracket).
    This could either be by simply mixing Alliance and Horde characters, or by changing the race depending on which team you end up on. I’m thinking the former is better because people want to play with the look of their character that they chose.

Right now I’m sitting in a random bg queue on my level 10 Alliance character, and the timer is currently at 25 minutes. This is unacceptable! It’s level 10! This used to be the fastest way to get some pvp action in WoW because the entry level was so low. And once a bg actually starts, there are only 5-6 players per team and you get the message that the bg will end because of too few players.
The bg after this one had a 30 minute timer without a pop, so I gave up.

  1. Fill up the rest of the roster with “advanced” AI NPCs that we see in the Comp Stomp brawl and island expeditions - atleast in bgs below max level. When an actual player joins the bg, an existing NPC will simply despawn - and if a player leaves, an NPC will spawn and take that player’s place.
    This also works well because low level bgs are supposed to be a learning experience, and that experience will probably be better against AI that are not that good. You could even increase their skills the higher the PvP level bracket is.
    Is this optimal? No, but it’s better than sitting in queue for ages not doing anything.

  2. Same thing with big/epic bgs aswell as brawls; mix Alliance and Horde, add NPCs and lower the amount of people in the battleground. If Ashran would be 10v10 or 20v20 it would be much easier to get the battleground up and running.

  3. Rework Wintergrasp. There are a lot of different things that can be done here, but some suggestions:
    The vehicles are incredibly clunky, so change them.
    The gates should be targetable because I notice some newer players don’t understand how they work and I think treating the walls like targetable NPCs would help. The current health points of all walls, towers and cannons should also be visible on the big map for both teams.
    This is a large place that could probably do well with a zone-wide mount movement speed buff to get around faster - but the speed of the vehicles need to be increased aswell.
    Add a description of how the battleground works in the Adventure Guide. This should be done for all battlegrounds - see below.

  4. Add battlegrounds and brawls to the Adventure Guide(Shift-J) explaining what to do, how to do so and what the goal of the battle is so that people can read up on them whenever they want to. This would be especially helpful for battlegrounds like Wintergrasp. There should be a link to the Adventure Guide in the UI where you sign up for battlegrounds, brawls and the arena.

  5. Make some of the battleground achievements easier. Some of these are extremely hard to get done in casual pvp without a premade(and premades should not be a thing in casual PvP in my opinion), and I think bg achievements should be doable without a premade and without an incredible amount of luck. Either that, or change them to be more of a team effort.
    Example: “Cloud Nine” achievement in Twin Peaks: capture or return 9 flags in a single bg. As it is now you have to click the flag returns yourself, making this extremely hard to complete. Make it so that anyone in your team returning a flag will count.

  6. Let us farm for the saddle mounts in casual battlegrounds. This would make more people queue for casual PvP.

  7. Add the ogre instanced PvP coliseum in Nagrand(Draenor) to the brawl rotation. I think a lot of people want a free-for-all bg/brawl like this one where the last man standing wins. This also gives people the opportunity to work on the rewards that already exist for this place but is really hard to get because you need to find enough people interested in this obscure place most people forgot about or never new existed.


Something I would add to all of this and that is those Epic bg that have an end boss to kill need to be seriously buffed in health and damage. You should not have any class able to solo kill them. You need to kill them as a team this especially for Ashran.

IoC the Hangar needs to move so that both teams arrive on even level ground. Horde is seriously disadvantaged having to fight up hill while Alliance just AoE them to death. The vehicles and especially the glaives need some changes. Glaives should have an auto retaliation or blades on the wheels so that any class that gets to close takes some damage. Ranged players should be auto shot at and the damage should be half to a third of what the blades would do if you target players.

All they need to do is implement a PvP levelling gear for those that wants to do Battlegrounds that provides an PvP ilvl with ranks represented in the level bracket, a silly example ;

Rank 1, Level 10-19 increases item level 150 in Battlegrounds and Arenas

Rank 2, Level 20-29 increases item level 170

And so on, as it reaches the maximun rank which is 60-69, players will be already decently prepared to hop into the PvP endgame straightaway because they have already geared up to their personal gameplay.

Also add the gladiator’s distinction so levellers can also utilize the PvP trinkets whislt levelling via Battlegrounds, and also increasing the experience points will also encourage players to level up by doing PvP.


They could just make leveling in PvP worth it and you will get more queues easily…
So far its just a waste of time if you want to level fast

If you’re talking about Trinkets, they should restore the master pitfighter heirlooms, the ones you got from winning Gurubashi and Darkmoon Fair 12 times.

You used to get 50% extra XP from battlegrounds per trinket, making this a favorite way to level characters via BG’s.

They removed those during the heirloom revamp, just for good measure… but they never gave back anything in return like the PvE sets.

Having set ilvls for each bracket is a great idea, although I doubt it will do much for the imbalance in lower-level BGs, where Hunter still rules the roost. There is one PvP trinket at least that can be used which is available from heirlooms (medallion).

I used to level up all of my toons through BGs before DF as it was the best way to learn your class/spec but it’s become a hot mess in the newest expansion.

I thought every low level PvP enjoyer have switched too classic or season of D(ad)

Normal bg’s need some kind of ilvl req or own bracker for ppl who just dinged, it’s not fun when half of your team has 100-400k hp. Yes I saw someone with 100k hp last night and it was our only healer.


They need to implement ilvl scaling so people like this gets scaled down and low ilvl gets scaled up to a set ilvl

They come in and one shoot everyone and then leave just before they win so they don’t get bonus xp from winning the BG

Ideally this levelling design would be able to counter these simply because their ilvl will be scaled enough to have a balanced combat, and would not be one sided.

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