We need to make some rules about the honor farming

Hi everyone.
Ever since the honor update alliance life has been tough on this server. It’s clear that gandling is horde dominated since every town are camped by 5+ hordies.
I get that you want to farm honor and this is the best way to do it but can’t we at least make a few safe zones? For instance I went to do a UBRS yesterday and the entire way from thorium point to the instance was camped. Like 200+ people. It took me 30 minutes and 13 deaths to get there.
And I know we could attempt to make a counter PvP raid to deal with it but managing to gather enough alliance to do so is a big task and can’t really be done every time we are going to an instance.

So please, maybe ease off on the easy picking targets and try to get some real PvP going instead.

Sincerely concerned Gnome

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hm?? i see the opposite everywhere, that scrub guild aim, usually a group of them killing lowbies and corpse camping them

it’s okay mate the neets control the places during the night and the morning hours

We don’t make deals with the Alliance.

Only thing you can do is recruit more people to play Alliance on Gandling in order to fight back or hope that BG queues will bring some balance.

I think Horde has more retail min-maxer/elitist players tho who will soon get bored from the game and quit, that’s some hope for you maybe.

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i was about to say “just post in general/world chat that horde is ganking you and Aim and Wild Animals will show up, salivating over their 1-3 honor per kill as they go 40-60 vs 5-10” but then i realized the post is from November and with the release of BGs world ganking has likely dropped significantly, so i doubt this is an issue anymore.

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