<WEAKLINGS> AOTC guild recruiting!

Hi there and thanks for checking in!

We are a semi casual guild that enjoys raiding two nights a week. Our raid times are Thursday and Sunday, 19:30 - 22:30 server time.

Our guild aims for AOTC each season while remembering that WoW is supposed to be fun. We have a mix of players that do all kinds of content including M+ at all levels and legacy content and we are a very tight group that enjoys the game together.

So why are we both here? Well, we’d like to expand our raid roster, that’s why! Throughout Dragonflight we’ve created a nice raiding team and achieved Curve all three seasons. We’re looking to bring fun loving and like minded people into the guild to expand our raid team. We are primarily looking for DPS, especially classes with a Healer off spec they are happy to use.

Our people :-

Can take a joke
Are over 18
Know the game and their class
Enjoy raiding

Does that sound like you?

So, now you know a little about us, lets find out a little about you. If you’re interested in joining our guild, please send me a message in game or on Discord and I’ll get back to you.

Discord - Gemazarus
Battlenet - Gemazarus#2399

Toxic GM and Officer team would not reccomend this guild to anyone. Raidleader trying to hit on someone else their wife, Being sexist against female player the list goes on and on. Stay away!

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