Weapon stats


So I have this dagger, [Dire Nail] (of power so says +22 AP) and got recently a quest sword [Blade of Reckoning]

I got an idea from someone, that I cannot do good dps with dagger while tanking. I wonder if I should switch from dagger to the sword?

But when I compare their stats, they seem pretty similar to me, dagger is actually seems slightly better. So which one should I use?

Another question, is there any difference when weapon says in white +22 AP, versus it is saying in green Equip: +22 AP ?

And the last one: are weapon additional stats included in (damage per second) value? For example in case of Blade of Reconing, it says it has (35.8 damage per second) and Equip: +22 Attack Power. Is this Attack Power a part of 35.8 dps or it is extra?

Hopefully this all makes sense, would be grateful for your responses!