Weapon Transmog Freedom

Something i personally feel would really increase the fantasy feel. Is if players could, mog their weapon(s) into any weapon their class can use. For example, a mage who has a staff, coz they are best at dealing DPS. But wants to have a sword for a weapon, would then be allowed to transmog said staff, into a sword. Or dagger or wand. Coz the ycan use them. Instead, of being force to have a one handed and an off hand in order for this to be allowed. Another example, is if ur liek a warlock with a one handed and an off handed. You like the off handed thing. But you don’t like the one handed, and would rather be able to wield a staff instead. Instead, if being forced to farm for a staff in raids or dungeons. Same coud lbe said about druids, who wants a fist weapon or dagger mog. Instead of a staff, mace, or polearm mog. And one finaly example, is if a fury warrior wants to feel a bit more “badass”. Like the best ones use two, two handed weapons. But mabye they wanna feel like a Shattered Hand Orc, and use The Bladefist on BOTH their weapons, and not be forced to use a one handed weapon to do that. I feel this would REALLY increase the fantasy feeling in the game. And help players, define their character. Specialy if your one that loves to make transmogs. Or is a roleplayer. I think this would be a great way to give players more freedom.


Was just about to write something similar since i just got a 1h wep on my warlock but want a staff to match my tmog.

so i agree with everything above cant be that hard to implement right ?

I have never understood why Transmog can’t be open. I want a dagger for a mage off hand but in 10 years of playing NONE have ever appeared and I cant transmog to any of the plethora of daggers I have for other characters. It’s very annoying and amazes me that bliz goes so far out of its way to appeal to everyone ( I mean allowing decaying, smelly, undead players characters ofc) but can’t do something this simple? Transmog saved WoW for me as my characters looked so stupid most of the time I was quitting so Transmog did did enough to keep me but I will never understand why they can’t do it simply?

Completely agree, just let us use the appearances we want, and in many cases farmed for ages! So frustrating when you find a cool 1 hander appearance only to get a higher ilvl staff. And the lifting of restrictions on legion weapons just seemed arbitrary when I realised that the weapon type restriction still applied to off-spec