Weekly affixes should be optional in M+

I have no problem with tyranical & fortified, and the seasonal affixes, but I find the weekly affixes simply boring and/or annoying. I’m not going to go in depth over why I dislike them, only that I want to point out there are some people who enjoy them and some who don’t, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with difficulty, but fun. I want to talk more about the effect they have, and a possible solution.

So my idea is to simply make the weekly affixes optional, and maybe a little more difficult, and in return you are rewarded for it.

So for example if you run a key with the weekly affixes, you receive a bonus key level if you time the dungeon (eg. +1 becomes +2). This way, people who want to push their keys to the max, and/or just appreciate the extra challenge, can have it, and those who just want to enjoy the dungeon but at a higher difficulty can do that too.

I realise that this kind of thing can split a community, but the thing is some people just don’t want to play in the weeks where there is some annoying affix, especially with pugs. Like for example this week, with explosives - its a lottery whether the team deal with them or not. So while this kind of thing might divide opinions, more people may end up playing in the end, so it doesn’t really matter as much. For example if 50 people are playing with the non-optional affixes (how it is now), but 100 people would have been playing if there were optional affixes, then even if the community is split 50/50, there are still more people playing overall. Generally I think you’d end up with most people playing without affixes, and mostly premade teams playing with affixes, which I think is perfect. The difficulty of the affixes can be ramped up to truly reward a decent group - I would actually be more interested in playing with the weekly affixes then, knowing I’m not forced to, but doing it because I want to.

I just find myself enjoying M+ in spite of the affixes, not because of them, and that’s a shame. They can put a real dampener on some weeks, and its almost completely turned me off pugging. I’d love to see this change, even if its just a trial to see how it goes.

You’re gonna have to think of a different bonus than this. You will get to the point where you can only handle the key if it’s affixless, and then that’s how pushers will play it. And, given that this is the endgame style, it’s much easier to stick with that as default because you will never need to know how to handle dungeon X with affix combo Y; you can just standardize the pulls. Fortified pull like this, Tyrannical pull like that, done.

You would only play with affixes if it’s the key of an alt/returning player and you want to push it to a “meaningful” level quickly.

I think I certainly would enjoy affixless keystones though.

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Yeah, I agree it is an issue, maybe at some point the keystones could lose their ability to disable the affixes, so like at +25 it remains at +24 difficulty, but now the affixes aren’t optional anymore, and don’t give any bonus. Maybe +25 is too high, could be +21. So then its like, +21 is the point where you should really start to move into making coordinated teams.

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